Spinning Reel Review & Comparison: 6 Fishing Reels For Spinning Rods Under $100


In our spinning reel test we present you 6 fishing reels for spinning rods under 100 Euro. Spinning reels are mainly used for spin fishing. Spin fishing is one of the king disciplines in predatory fishing, because here you use a small “wriggling” lure, the pike, pike-perch or catfish to pretend that it is easy and simple prey. The art for the angler is to offer the lure as realistically and “lifelike” as possible in the water.

For spin fishing smaller reels are used in most cases. For example, we use a 1.80 m spinning rod and a 1000 spinning reel for zander fishing and sometimes also for pike fishing. The number 1000 indicates the size. Here you should be careful that different manufacturers often give different numbers.

However, not all angling manufacturers adhere to this. Abu Garcia, for example, uses size 501 for the 1000 spinning reel. The size 502 then stands for 2000, so you just have to be careful and inform yourself accordingly before buying. Because it is often not so easy to find the right spinning reel, we would like to present you here different models to make your choice a little easier.

Note: From time to time it can happen that selected spinning reels are not available for a short time. If this is the case, you will find numerous reels on this overview page.

How we tested

We have fished with braided lines as well as with monofilament lines. For example, we paid attention to how easy the winding was. Of course we also evaluated the ease of casting and line hauling. Another important point was also the material and the workmanship of the spinning reel.  Here we checked if really high quality materials were used or if the complete spinning reel is simply made of cheap plastic.

Last but not least the mentioned aspects must be in a healthy relation to the price. Therefore we have of course also taken a closer look at the price/performance ratio. So we were able to get a good overall impression of the respective tested spinning reel relatively quickly.

All in all, we then recorded this impression in the form of an overall mark. So you should be able to compare the individual spinning reels quickly and easily. Now we have described enough about the procedure and want to start with the first product report. Have fun with it.

Daiwa Exceler 3000HA

The AnzeigeDaiwa Exceler 3000HA is a spinning reel in the middle price segment. It currently costs about 75.00 Euro. When you hold it in your hands for the first time, you will immediately notice that it is a high quality aluminium case. Therefore the spinning reel looks very noble. With knap 305 grams it is not necessarily the heaviest but also not the lightest spinning reel. Some of the reels here are much heavier.

With a size of 1500 it is perfect for spin fishing. All in all it has a line capacity of 220 m with a 0.28 mm thick monofilament fishing line. It has a really light and smooth run. You’ll notice this as soon as the first zander has taken the bait. The power of the crank seems to be transferred effortlessly to the rotor.

The Twist Buster 2 system has also served us well in our spinning reel test. It makes sure that the line does not get knotted. Due to the smooth running it can be wound up without any problems. This has made a good impression on us.

The official picture

Here is a picture of the spinning reel:

Short and sweet

All important facts you will find in the following overview:

  • Brand: Daiwa
  • Model:  Exceler 3000HA
  • 4 ball bearings
  • Cord holder: 220m/0,28mm
  • Gear ratio: 5,6:1
  • Weight: 305g
  • Front brake
  • Including electric coil

Our conclusion

All in all the Daiwa Exceler 3000HA sprint reel makes a very good impression on us. It convinces with its chic and discreet design as well as its smooth and quiet running. Even during casting it unwound the line without any problems, which enabled us to reach a high range without any problems. This model also comes with an aluminium spare spool. Thanks to its small size, this reel is definitely ingenious for spin fishing. We can therefore recommend it to others.

Shimano Exage 1000 FD

Note: This item may not be available at the moment. The following display spinning reels are an alternative.

Next we will take a look at a model from Shimano. We were happy when the Shimano Exage 1000 FD finally arrived at our office. Because in the past we have heard a lot of good things about the spinning reel and now we just wanted to see for ourselves.

When you hold it in your hands, you can literally feel the high-quality workmanship. All parts of the spinning reel, no matter if spool, crank or bracket are exactly where you expect them to be.  Nothing wobbles or makes an inferior impression in any way. We also liked very much that the weight is only 200 g. This makes it really extremely light and especially in combination with a light spinning rod it is highly recommended.

It also makes a very calm impression and runs extremely clean. These characteristics are especially noticeable when reeling up. We have tested it with a monofilament line as well as with a braided line. Both have not caused us any problems. Also the front brake runs completely smooth. In addition, a spare spool is included in case the other one breaks.

Illustration of the Exage 1000 FD

Here is a picture of the spinning reel:

Short and sweet

You will find all important facts in the following overview

  • brand:  Shimano
  • Model: Exage 1000 FD
  • Cord holder: mm/m: 0,18-170 / 0,20-140 / 0,25-90 / 0,30-60 lb/yds: 2-270 / 4-140 / 6-110
  • Ball bearings: 4 specially coated ball bearings
  • Gear ratio: 5,0:1
  • Cord retraction 61 cm
  • Weight: 200 g
  • Including one aluminium spare spool

Conclusion on the spinning reel

Once you have tried a Shimano spinning reel, you will not change it so quickly. Especially with the Exage 1000 FD you will be spoiled by the low weight alone. You simply get used to it quickly. If you are looking for an inexpensive model for “light” predator fishing, you will certainly have a lot of fun with this model. We can also recommend the Exage 1000 FD, as it makes many spin fishermen’s hearts beat faster.

DAM Quick Fz-400 Fd

If you hold the AnzeigeDAM Quick FZ 400 FD in your hands for the first time, you will immediately notice how well it has been processed. It also makes a very stable and high-quality impression. This is especially due to the fact that the material is ABS graphite, which guarantees a particularly high stability.

At just under 296 g it is also relatively light. This is of course also reflected in the total weight of the spinning rod. What we also noticed positively is the line laying. It is very clean. Also the run is smooth and the Hadhabung is very fine.

In the spinning reel test we used it on pike and trout and had no problems with either. Especially during the drill the spinning reel behaves very appropriate and calm. Also the front brake can be adjusted very fine in any situation.


Here is an official picture of the:


A summary of the most important aspects for you

  • Brand: DAM
  • Model: QUICK FZ 400 FD
  • Weight: 296 g
  • Gear ratio: 6. 2:1
  • Line thickness: 0,30 mm
  • Line capacity: 195 m

Final conclusion on rod reel

All in all we were very satisfied. It makes a clean and stable impression. In addition, it is really quiet and can be perfectly adjusted to the expected target fish. In addition, it is also quite cheap at the moment. If you are looking for a spinning reel that doesn’t cost a lot of money, if you value brand quality and if you want to try your hand at spin fishing, you won’t do much wrong with this model, even as a beginner.

Shimano Exage 2500 RC fighter brake

We have also tested the Shimano Exage 2500 RC fighter brake for you. This is a relatively smooth-running model which can also be very finely adjusted and aligned. Those who have already had experience with Shimano will not be disappointed by this model so quickly. What we liked very much is that a spare spool is also included. This makes it very easy to change the spool quickly, for example from monofilament to braided line.

We have tested the Exage 2500 RC on both braided and monofilament lines. Both lines did not cause any problems on the reel and run very smooth and precise. There were also no problems when reeling them up – the run looks very filigree. Depending on the line thickness, even up to 240 m of line are possible.

We used it for eel fishing and were not disappointed. Especially the fight brake can be adjusted and readjusted very well with the partly quite windy and aggressive eel.  With 280 g you really get a light weight. The aluminium used for the spools doesn’t change this. All in all it makes a very high-quality impression on us.


Click on the picture to enlarge:


The important aspects summarized for you:

  • Brand: Shimano
  • Weight: 280 g
  • Ball bearing: 4
  • Cord grip (mm/m): 0,20-240 / 0,25-160 / 0,30-110
  • Gear ratio: 5,2:1
  • Spare spool: 1

Conclusion of the spinning reel test

All in all, we can recommend the Shimano Exage 2500 RC combat brake to all spinning anglers. It makes a high-quality impression and also impresses with its clean and precise material processing. It also scored with us for long casts. We can therefore definitely recommend this spinning reel.

Penn Battle II 2500 in test

The Penn Battle II 2500 comes in a noble cardboard box. Unfortunately it is not necessarily the cheapest spinning reel in the test. It is about 90 Euro. But it shines in many points and partly even surpasses the one or other spinning reel presented here. The Penn Battle II 2500 was developed especially for anglers who value the use of braided lines. The spool is designed to hold the line, which you will notice when you take a closer look at the spool.

What we did not like so much is the fact that there is no second spare spool included. This means that it is not possible to change the line quickly by pressing a button. On the positive side, however, it runs very smoothly, quietly and precisely, especially when cranking. In some cases, it differs significantly from cheap spinning reels. It is also relatively light with a weight of 290 g, which of course also affects the comfort during casting.

We have used it especially on pike and zander and were not disappointed. Even with particularly large specimens it makes a reliable, safe and stable impression.

Picture of the reel

To give you a better idea of the spinning reel, here is a picture: Display

Our summary of the spinning reel test

All important aspects of the spinning reel test in a nutshell:

  • Brand: Penn
  • Model: Battle II 2500
  • Cord holder: 235 m with a cord thickness of 0,23mm
  • Gear ratio: 6,2:1
  • Ball bearing: 6. 00 pcs.
  • maximum braking force: 5,40kg
  • cord retraction: 83,80cm
  • weight: 290g
  • Extra designed for braided lines
  • Milled aluminium crank with rubber handle
  • 5+1 encapsulated stainless steel bearings
  • Techno-Balanced Rotor
  • Diecast aluminium housing & side plate

Spinning reel summary

We are also very satisfied with the Penn Battle II 2500. If you are looking for capital predatory fish, this spinning reel will definitely give you a lot of pleasure and you will not regret a purchase. Beginners as well as advanced will have their fun with this model. We can therefore recommend it to all those who don’t know Penn yet and maybe just want to try something new. And Penn connoisseurs, know anyway what they are getting into 😉

Spinning Reel Spro RedArc Reel Tuff Body 10200 Red Arc – line holder 100m 0,28mm

Note: This item might not be available at the moment. The following display spinning reels are an alternative.

The Spro RedArc series has been very popular with many anglers for years. In this reel test we have taken a closer look at the DisplaySpro RedArc reel Tuff Body 10200 Red Arc and will present it here. It has a line capacity of 100m with a line thickness of 0,28 mm which is quite good.

We could hardly find any differences between the monofilament line and the braided line. We were able to wind both very easily due to the smooth running.  Furthermore, we had no problems whatsoever with casting. In our opinion it is also very smooth running. With both of them you can therefore work excellently in our opinion. We found it great that an additional spool is included in the delivery. So you can see the comparison directly without too much time passing by while changing.

The quality is really great. Rarely have we seen such excellent workmanship of the materials used for a spinning reel at a relatively low price. When used for pike or pike-perch fishing it is therefore 100% recommended.

Picture of the spinning reel

Here is a picture of the spinning reel:

Short and concise summary

All important aspects in a nutshell:

  • Brand: Spro
  • Colour: Red metallic
  • Line holder: 100m (with a cord thickness of 0,28mm)
  • Gear ratio 5,2:1
  • Weight: 275g
  • 9 ball bearings + 1 roller bearing
  • Worm gear transmission

Conclusion on the rod reel

It is not for nothing that this reel has become the winner of comparison with many other suppliers. So also with us. The quality, the workmanship and the material could simply convince us completely. Pleasantly quiet running, very good fine-adjustable brake and great workmanship testify to a top model for predator fishing. We can therefore definitely recommend this model.

Final opinion on the spinning reel test

We have spent many days on the lake, trying and testing. Sometimes it was really exhausting and sometimes we were really happy about one or the other pike. Anyway, we hope that we could help you a little bit with the search for the right spinning reel.

If you did not find the right one you will find numerous reels of spinning in the overview on this page.

Your Team from handangeln.de

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