The Most Extraordinary Fishing Spots In The World


Fishing, this is usually not only pure food procurement. For many people it is a real experience, sometimes full of excitement, but also filled with relaxing silence and intense experiences of nature. That’s why the right fishing spots are so crucial.

At this point we would like to take you to far away countries where real fishing adventures await you. Follow us to Vietnam, to the Amazon, into the vastness of Russia and to the enchanting Bahamas.

Even the USA and Australia have nothing to hide behind these destinations.

Vietnam: Squid fishing in Halong Bay

Halong Bay in Vietnam is now well known among globetrotters. It is not without reason that the fishing spots there attract tourists from all over the world! The emerald-green water surrounds thousands of limestone islands of various sizes, partly covered by wild rainforest.

Although the bay is now very well frequented and there are sometimes several hundred boats, some lucky ones are still lucky enough to catch one or two squid. As soon as the coveted fish has taken a bite, an enthralling drill begins, which demands a good portion of patience from the angler. Take the bait in slow motion, allowing five to ten seconds for each reel.

If possible, have a landing net ready to catch your octopus when you land. And you’ve already won! You don’t necessarily have to take food with you on your water tour, because every evening Vietnamese women and their floating villages glide to the tourist boats to sell their food and drink.

Halong Bay and its fishing grounds are not only ideal for water tours and fishing, but also for diving, caving, hiking and climbing. The island of Cát Bà, the largest island in the bay, has been allowed to call itself a “National Park” since 1986. It is part of a UNESCO-initiated biosphere reserve – and is by no means stingy with its attractions.

Bahamas: Fishing in a dreamlike setting

The waters around the Bahamas are teeming with fish. The locals know very well where the best places are for catching certain species. Anglers often find fish in rocky fairways, as well as near coral tips: The earliest ancestors of the islanders already knew this, they passed on their know-how from generation to generation.

The tastiest food fish such as the wrasse, snapper fish and grouper are comparatively difficult to catch, but it’s worth following their trail. The crystal clear water entices you to go spearfishing, an ancient method, but one that was not originally native to the Bahamas.

Even far away from any fishing ambitions, the Bahamas are always worth a trip: there are many fantastic places to see, such as the world-famous port city of Nassau, which welcomes its guests with a unique colonial flair without denying its Caribbean influences.

Paradise Island is also worth a visit. It is the largest underwater habitat in the world, home to over 50,000 marine animals of 250 species. A highlight of a somewhat different kind is the hotel resort located there, which even has its own glamorous casino. Depending on your mood, you can sit down at one of the 85 gaming tables and play Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack or Poker.

By using the right poker strategy for a successful round of Omaha Hi-Lo, you’ll be sure to get the right amount of excitement. The huge water park with its countless slides adds the necessary action and there is hardly any time left for fishing.

The Warwick Resort, for example, is the perfect place to go.

Fishing spots Peru: Piranhas on the wild Amazon

A fishing holiday in Peru is certainly a dream come true for you. The Amazon is still considered wild and untamed – and of course its waters are full of life. Piranhas abound in abundance and, as you can hear, they love to bite. However, not only on bait, but also on fingers and other extremities, if the angler is too careless.

During the dry season the animals are often hungry and particularly aggressive, so we advise you at the appropriate fishing spots not to tackle them until the rainy season has started again. For this, go to the city of Iquitos and join a guided fishing tour. Piranhas, by the way, can be caught with the most primitive means, a stick with a line, barb and a piece of meat is enough.

If you have returned unharmed from your fishing adventures, then take a look at the beautiful town. Discover the Casa de Hierro, an iron house designed by Gustave Eiffel, a close relative of the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris. The Belén district almost merges with the Amazon, as it is built on stilts above the water. There are also good fishing spots here.

The local dishes are particularly recommended, including of course tasty piranhas, as well as plantains and cassava. The brave ones try grilled suri maggots (the maggots of the weevil) on a wooden skewer or feast on an alligator.

Russia: Catching salmon on the cold Umba River

Let’s go to cooler places, for example to the Russian Kola Peninsula. There, the picturesque Umba River makes its way to the White Sea and brings with it countless, spring-living salmon. They originate from the Atlantic Ocean and undertake a long journey to their spawning grounds and back. When the river is ice-free towards the end of May, the season begins, which lasts until October.

However, salmon fishing is now prohibited in the summer months of July and August, so the time available to catch salmon has become much shorter. Kola, by the way, is located north of the Arctic Circle and can be reached by rail from St. Petersburg and Moscow. There are also scheduled flights and a motorway.

From December to April there is the possibility in “Russian Lapland” to take part in rapid snowmobile tours through the wonderful winter landscape. Each trip takes a few days and is guaranteed to be an unforgettable adventure. The port city of Murmansk with its approximately 300,000 inhabitants is located on Kola. It is worthwhile to take a closer look at the icy metropolis during a sightseeing tour.

Not to forget: Colourful northern lights are anything but rare so far north, they appear in the sky about 200 nights a year. If you really want to observe this spectacular phenomenon, we recommend that you arrive in January, February or March. Then you have the best chances.

USA: Ice fishing in North Dakota in freezing cold

Even in North Dakota it rarely gets really warm. The rivers and lakes of this US state are particularly rich in pike, zander and perch. A tour to Devils Lake, which despite its name can be very friendly to anglers, is recommended for the fishing spots.

But also Icelandic State Park and Lake Sakakawea often show their generous side and give the ice-fisher a lot of success. Join an experienced ice fishing team that knows the region inside out. With a bit of luck your guides will have already made a nice hole in the ice, some of which are several metres thick, from which you can help yourself to the best of your ability.

This not only saves you a lot of work, but also gives you expert instructions on how to catch the biggest fish. The season lasts from the end of October until about mid-March, when the ice usually melts again. Make good use of your time in this endless country!

Explore the incredible beauty of the prairie, which looks as if it has just been imported from an old Western ham. The country is only sparsely populated, resulting in a wonderfully liberal attitude to life. In the National Buffalo Museum you will encounter the mysterious white buffalo and learn many exciting facts about the history of North Dakota.

Fishing spots in Australia: the catch of a lifetime

We don’t want to end this trip around the world without mentioning the huge black marlin, which can be caught from September to early December on the Great Barrier Reef. Go to the outer edge of the reef, approximately between the town of Cairns and Lizard Island.

There you have the best chances to make the catch of your life. Real “Granders” weigh more than 450 kilograms, so prepare yourself well for this action and steel your muscles. The appropriate fishing spots are crucial for this.

Once you’ve arrived in Australia, you won’t mind a dive to the world’s largest coral reef – and you won’t be afraid to relax on one of the many fantastic dream beaches. Visit the outback with its spectacular rock formations and the red-golden desert landscape or take a closer look at one of the shimmering metropolises.

This is how life is fun!

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