Stationary Reels Review & Comparison: 6 Fishing Reels Under $100


Are you looking for a suitable stationary reel for your next drill? Then the stationary reel test is the right thing for you. We have tested 6 different rolls in detail.

But here are a few facts about the stationary reel so that you can judge the reel correctly when you buy it later.

A stationary roll (also called a crosswind roll) is characterized by the following features: The reel axle is parallel to the rod shaft and it winds the fishing line very evenly onto the spool.

The spool ensures a clean line laying. It is also one of the most frequently used fishing reels. In most cases it is used for spinning fishing on rivers, lakes or even the sea. The following is a picture of a typical stationary reel:

The following types are distinguished for a stationary reel:

  • Front brake reels
  • Rear brake reels
  • Free wheel reels
  • Large fish and sea reels
  • Surf reels/broadcast reels
  • Feeder reels
  • Carp reels
  • Reels for trout fishing
  • Reels for eel fishing
  • Reels for catfish fishing

The reels differ mainly in size, brake characteristics, free wheel function, total weight and line capacity. There are also special reels that are used for different target fish.

In this test we have tested common reels that have proven to be good stationary reels and checked them for different characteristics. This should make it easier for you to find the right model for you in terms of price, quality and workmanship quickly and easily.

After this short overview, we want to start with the first product report. Have fun with it.

Note: From time to time it can happen that selected stationary rolls are not available for a short time. If this is the case, you will find numerous stationary reels for fishing on this overview page.

DAM Quick Camaro RD 660 Stationary reel

The first reel to be tested is a model from DAM. When you hold the DAM QUICK CAMARO 660 RD display in your hands for the first time, you immediately notice the rather robust ABS graphite case. At first glance, this appears to be of very high quality and the appealing design is completely convincing. At least that was our first impression. It has to be said that it looks a bit better in real life than on the photo below.

On the positive side, it should be emphasized that the brake is very finely adjustable and adjustable. Here it differs substantially regarding very favorable models. Especially if you are not used to handling higher quality stationary rollers, you will immediately feel the difference. Furthermore, it also has a completely jerk-free braking behaviour and is generally very powerful.

We deliberately chose the large model because it has a particularly high line capacity. This way we got a monofilament 0.40 to just over 200 m. It has to be said that it worked very cleanly when pulling in the line and when winding it up.

A picture of the reel

Here is a picture of the reel:

The most important facts at a glance

A short list of the most interesting facts and figures about the model:

  • Brand: DAM
  • Gear ratio: 5.50 :1
  • Ball bearings: 6.00 pcs
  • Line capacity: 220.00 m / 0. 40 mm line thickness
  • Weight: 436 g
  • 1 anti-return
  • needle bearing
  • Material: ABS graphite
  • Price: low


In our opinion, the DAM Quick Camaro RD 660 can be recommended in any case. All in all, the stationary roller runs very cleanly and the brake also makes a great impression. Furthermore it is not even expensive. It is also relatively light with a weight of almost 436 g. We can therefore definitely recommend this stationary reel.


With the AnzeigeDAM QUICK CAMARO 640 FD we would like to introduce the next stationary reel. With 389 g it is about 47 g lighter than the DAM Quick Camaro RD 660. You can feel the difference when you hold the reel in your hands. This model here is definitely much lighter. The reel has been designed primarily for spinning and therefore also for long distance casting.

Similar to the RD model, this stationary reel has a line capacity of 220 m and is therefore extremely productive. Furthermore, the 660 model makes a very robust impression. Especially if you are looking for capital catches, this reel is highly recommended. We also liked the fact that it has both front and rear brakes. Both brakes can be very finely adjusted.

What is unfortunately missing on many other stationary reels is the function that the bracket can additionally engage. Fortunately the DAM Quick Camaro FD 660 has this function. So the handle cannot accidentally snap shut in freewheel mode. In addition, the bar is especially thick. This makes it look a bit more robust. So you can also get a firm grip without any problems.

Picture of the stationary roller

Following a small picture of the roller:

The most important facts

Here are the most important facts you should know about the DAM QUICK CAMARO 660 FD:

  • Brand: DAM
  • Translation: 5. 1:1
  • Line size mm/m: 0.40/220
  • 5 steel ball bearings
  • Weight: 389g
  • Price: cheap


All in all the DAM Quick Camaro FD 660 is ideal if you are looking for big fish. We can recommend it to both beginners and advanced anglers. With a weight of 389 g it is also relatively light compared to other stationary reels. Therefore we would buy it again.

Quantum Torrent Stationary Reel

Note: This item may not be available at the moment. The following display stationary rolls are an alternative.

When the Quantum Torrent 80 ad arrived at our office, we were glad that the blue on the roll was not quite as bright as in the picture below. The blue is much more discreet. Even though it has a prospecting volume of about 300 m, it is still a bit heavier. The stationary reel weighs 570 g and is therefore much heavier than e.g. the DAM QUICK CAMARO 660 FD. However, the line mount is definitely worth seeing.

The integrated front brake can also be adjusted to fit and keeps its promises.  Its robust and stable exterior makes it especially suitable for sea fishing and shore angling. We have tested it consciously on salt water and even after a three-week holiday it has not suffered any damage (despite rainy weather and storm). However, we recommend that you wear suitable waders so that you don’t get too wet.

We also used her for cod fishing and were not disappointed. On the contrary, this holiday was really worth it thanks to several capital cods.

Official illustration

Here is a small illustration of the Quantum Torrent:

Important facts at a glance

Here is a summary of the most important facts

  • Brand: Quantum
  • Cord version in m/mm: 300/0.40
  • Translation: 4. 1:1
  • Cord retraction: 69 cm
  • Ball bearing: 3
  • Weight: 570 g
  • 2+1 ball bearing
  • Infinite backstop
  • S-curve cord laying
  • Multi-disc front brake
  • CNC metal crank arm
  • Price: cheap

Conclusion of the stationary roller test

All in all we were not disappointed by the blue Quantum Torrent stationary roller. It is robust and can also be used for “harder” weather without any problems. If you want to have a high line volume on a stationary reel, you are definitely on the safe side with this model. However, you should be aware that it is also somewhat heavier.

Quantum Fire 15 front brake roll

Note: It is possible that this item is currently not available. The following display stationary rolls are an alternative.

The AnzeigeQuantum Fire 15 is one of the smaller stationary rolls presented here. In total it has a line capacity of 105 m. And that with a line thickness of 0.24 mm. Even though the line volume is slightly smaller, the total weight of the stationary reel is also much lower. It weighs only 203 g and is therefore the lightest model presented here. With a little more than 40 Euro it is also relatively cheap for a brand product from Quantum.

Both the rotor and the entire body of the stationary reel are made entirely of graphite. This also makes us feel very robust. At the same time, it also testifies to a great finish. Every detail, no matter how small, has been meticulously taken care of. And this can be seen in the entire roll. This includes, for example, the aluminium crank that can be folded in and runs very cleanly. All in all it also has a great line guidance.

In addition, it has an anti twist system which makes sure that the line is always neatly laid when cranking. We tested the model with a 0.20 mm thick fishing line and came up with a total line length of about 120 m. So it is ideal when it comes to smaller fish.


Here is a picture of the front brake reel from Quantum:

The most important facts summarized

All facts, short and sweet:

  • Brand: Quantum
  • Model: Fire 15
  • Gear ratio: 5,2:1
  • Cord holder: 105 m /0,24 mm
  • Bearing: 10
  • Weight: 203 g
  • Price: medium price


If you are looking for a small stationary reel, this model will certainly be the right choice. Because it is light, has a cord capacity for the size is okay and it is also affordable. Perfect if you are looking for a suitable reel yourself or just want to give a fishing colleague a treat. He is happy – for sure.

Cormoran Bull Fighter BP 5PiF 4500 Stationary reel

Note: It is possible that this item is currently not available. The following display stationary rollers are an alternative.

The AnzeigeCormoran Bull Fighter BP 5PiF 4500 is designed for heavy pike and carp fishing. Especially with a feeder rod it has proved itself completely in our stationary reel test. But it is also suitable for shore angling with a surf rod. We were able to use it to target places where some of the fish we caught later were hidden. Especially a big carp could be landed with this rod.

The stationary reel has a line length of 340 m and a line thickness of 0.30 mm. Therefore it has a very high capacity. In addition, we were able to achieve some long casts over 50 to 60 m without any problems. Also the running of the gear is almost disturbingly smooth and the line laying is very precise. Seldom have we had such high quality at a relatively low price. And all 3 of us are convinced of this.

The price of almost 90 Euro is relatively high but in our opinion completely justified. The stationary roll has simply been processed to a very high quality. In addition, it has particularly high-quality materials. But it is with 540 g also somewhat heavier.

Picture of the roll

Following a picture. For an enlargement, just click on the picture:

Overview of facts

All the facts for you in a nutshell:

  • Brand: Cormoran
  • Cord holder: 340 m/0,30 mm
  • Ball bearing: 4
  • Ratio: 4,9:1
  • Weight: 540 g
  • Cord retraction: 90 cm
  • Price: higher price


The Cormoran Bull Fighter BP 5PiF 4500 is a real bull among the stationary rollers – that’s for sure. If you are looking for something solid that can also be used at sea, you will certainly not regret your purchase. Of course, you need a little more strength in your arms to handle the weight, but in return it makes a very high quality impression. We can therefore recommend it to others.

Penn Spinfisher 950Ssm stationary roll

The AnzeigePenn Spinfisher 950SSM has established itself as the perfect stationary reel for catfish fishing (under the following link we have tested different catfish rods). When you hold it in your hands for the first time, you immediately notice that it is quite heavy. With 976 g it really belongs to the heavier fishing reels. At the same time it is also the heaviest in the stationary reel test.

However, for capital catfish and other heavy fish you also need a massive stationary reel. And here the Penn Spinfisher 950Ssm is just right. Because the housing is made of aluminum, the gearbox is made of stainless steel as well as bronze and the axle is also made of stainless steel. There are quickly a few grams together. So optimal conditions for a really massive product. And you can feel this as soon as you take it in your hand for the first time.

At the same time it has a very high line capacity of 345 m with a line thickness of 0.50 mm. This is very good when you consider how much line she can get with a fishing line half as thick. For the stationary reel test we had equipped it with a 0.40 and got it to almost 380 m.

It is also designed for sea fishing and is therefore particularly saltwater resistant. It is also suitable for both left- and right-handed people. The brake is also extremely stable and jerk-free. Also the integrated crank makes a stable impression due to the thick knob.

With this stationary reel you are definitely prepared for the biggest fish.

Picture of the stationary reel

Here is another picture of the reel:

Overview of facts

All the facts for you in a nutshell

  • Brand: Penn
  • Ball bearing plus IAR: 5plus1
  • Cord capacity (meter/mm): 411m/0. 48mm
  • Cord capacity (yard/lb): 450yd/25lb
  • Brake: FD
  • Max brake force (lbs/kg): 15lb/6. 75kg
  • Cord holder: 345m / 0,50mm
  • Gear ratio: 4,2:1
  • Weight: 976g
  • Price: higher priced


All in all this stationary reel is not for the faint hearted. Because it is designed for what every angler wants from the bottom of his heart: a really big catch. And that’s exactly what the Penn Spinfisher 950Ssm is the right stationary reel for. Noble and robust housing, high line capacity and maximum braking power for the really heavy catfish.

However, these features also have their price. And that concerns both the massive weight and the higher amount you have to pay for the reel. Nearly 100 Euro are not exactly cheap. But at the latest when the first hooked “bigger” fish tears off, you think twice if you would have preferred to use such a higher quality model from the beginning.

We can definitely recommend the Penn Spinfisher 950Ssm if the targets are accordingly high. Clear purchase recommendation.

Concluding words to the stationary rolls test

Admittedly, there are almost infinitely many stationary rolls on the German market. With the 6 we have tested it has finally become the AnzeigeCormoran Bull Fighter BP 5PiF 4500. But if you want to browse a little bit on your own, then we recommend you to have a closer look at the display here. There you will find a large selection which can be compared with each other.

We hope that you have found the right reel for you in the stationary reel test and wish you good luck with your next drill.

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