Surf Rods Review & Comparison: 6 Rods Under 100 Bucks


What actually distinguishes a good surf rod from a bad one? We have investigated this question in this surf rod test and would like to go into the essential aspects in more detail below. This way you can get a feeling for what is important for a surf rod and which characteristics you should look out for when making a potential purchase.

Note: From time to time it can happen that selected surf rods are not available for a short time. If this is the case, you will find numerous surf rods on this overview page.

This is important for a surf rod

An important point to remember with a standard surf rod is that it should be able to cast the bait as far as possible. Especially on the coast there are often shoals, scree and stones that have to be overcome first. Therefore a wide cast is indispensable when shore angling. This is also called a semi-parabolic action of the surf rod.

As long distance casting rods are often used, long distance casting rings are also advisable. These have the property that they are slightly larger than normal rings and are therefore also suitable for long distance casting. The resistance between the line and the ring is greatly reduced. Particularly in the surf, very large fish can sometimes bite. In addition, the ring inserts should be thick-walled. This way the line can be protected optimally.

Due to the current and the sometimes heavy fish, the line should have a strong backbone. Usual casting weights are therefore up to 250 g. With good surf rods the blank should be made of carbon fibre or carbon if possible. This gives the fishing rod the necessary strength.

Surf rods are usually between 3.60 and 4.20 m in length, as is sometimes the case with match rods. Most surf rods consist of 2 to 3 parts and they are often also plug rods.

Most surf rods have a sensitive tip to indicate smaller fish to the angler.

So we hope you have got a first impression of what surf rods are all about. In the following you will find the corresponding product reports about the respective rods. The price is between 30 and 100 Euro. Have fun with it.

Fladen Charter 3PC Beachcaster im Brandungsrute Test

We got the AnzeigeFladen Charter 3PC Beachcaster relatively quickly. It took about 2 days, then we could already hold the surf rod in our hands. At first sight it makes a valuable impression. The price is in the middle price segment and you can buy it for about 55 Euro.

We deliberately ordered it in the size of 4.20 m, because it is optimal for our purposes, on the coast of the Baltic Sea. Therefore she has a weight of up to 250 g, which should be sufficient. Especially on the coast, at least 100 g are recommended in order not to be completely helpless against the strong currents.

We liked the fact that the rings are additionally covered with ceramic. This allows the line to glide even more easily and reduces friction and resistance. If you hold the surf rod in your hand, it is not the lightest. In our experience there are definitely lighter rods.

The tip of the surf rod was kept in the colour neon yellow. Especially at dawn or dusk this is a very good feature to make bites easier to spot. The rod rings are sufficiently large and ideal for surf fishing.

Picture of the surf rod

Here is a picture of the rod:

The most important facts at a glance

All facts summarized for you

  • Brand: flat bread
  • ceramic ringing
  • coloured tip
  • casting weight: 100-250g
  • size: 4,20 m


All in all, the Fladen Charter 3PC Beachcaster surf rod is in the middle price segment and did quite well. With 4.20 it is sufficiently long and has a solid action. It is also relatively easy to hold and the workmanship is good.

Quantum Smart Surf in the surf rod test

Note: It is possible that the item is currently not available. The following display branding rods are an alternative.

The AnzeigeQuantum Smart Surf has a high quality carbon fibre blank. Very good we noticed the first try with the surf rod. Due to the special construction it is neither too hard nor too soft. This makes it much easier to get the hooked fish on land than with cheap surf rods, for example.

The design of the white metallic colour offers a successful change to other rods. This makes it look really good. In total it is delivered in 3 parts (3 rod parts not 3 parts). All 3 parts of this rod can easily be put into each other. They fit into each other very well and without problems. Once connected, the parts are bombproof, but can be removed again with a few simple steps.

The transport length of 1.45 m is perfectly ok for a surf rod. One must not forget that it is relatively long at 4.20 m. We were very positively surprised by the weight of the rod. It weighs only 462 g and is therefore much less than the cheaper models.

Of course this also has a positive effect on casting characteristics and handling. Especially when you are standing at the coast for a longer period of time and hold the rod in your hand, the Quantum Smart Surf is very comfortable to hold. Here you can see the difference to the really cheap versions.


Here is another illustration of the surf rod:

Short & concise

The most important facts, in the following summary:

  • Brand: Quantum
  • Suitable for the North Sea and Baltic Sea
  • Material Blank: Carbon
  • Length: 4,20m
  • Weight: 462 g
  • Throw weight: 200g
  • Parts: 3
  • Transport dimensions: 1,45 m

Conclusion of the surf rod test

All in all we are very satisfied with the Quantum Smart Surf in the surf rod test. It has all the features that a reasonable surf rod should have. Also the light weight due to the integrated carbon fiber blank could convince us. This is where the wheat is separated from the chaff to produce bad products. We therefore give a very clear recommendation to buy.

Spro Boxxer Surf 200 with a length of 4,20 m

The Boxxer Surf 200 from Spro is similar to the Fladen Charter 3PC Beachcaster, but is quite heavy. With 730 g it is not necessarily one of the lightweights. But in my opinion this is perfectly legitimate considering the enormous forces and weather conditions it will be exposed to. A little stability is very important. And that is exactly what the Spro Boxxer Surf 200 is – stable and yet flexible. It is made of G-fiber which combines these characteristics.

Despite the high stability it has a good action. It also makes a solid impression when ejected and therefore has good casting characteristics. We have estimated that it can reach 40 to 60 m. With a transport length of 1.49 m it is also reasonably easy to transport. Of course there are much smaller surf rods, but we were able to transport the rod in a VW station wagon without any problems.

We also liked the price very much. With only 30 Euro you get a product which is especially suitable for occasional anglers.


Here is another illustration of the surf rod:

All facts at a glance

All facts summarized for you:

  • Brand: Spro
  • Material blank: G- Fiber
  • Length: 4,20m
  • Parts: 3
  • Transport length: 149cm
  • Weight: 730g
  • Casting weight: 100 – 200g

Conclusion about the surf rod test

All in all the surf rod is ok. With a weight of 730 g it is not as light as some match rods or feeder rods, but we still managed to make some catches with it.  If you don’t set the highest standards for quality and workmanship and are not willing to fish so often, you will enjoy the Spro Boxxer Surf 200. Here you can find our graphic evaluation:

Cormoran Seacor Mega Surf 4,20m 100-250g

Note: It is possible that the article is currently not available. As an alternative we offer the following display surf rods.

With the DisplayCormoran Seacor Mega Surf we have chosen a very high quality model in the surf rod test. You will notice this right at the beginning when you go to the water with the surf rod for the first time.

The rings are not just ordinary rod rings. Special SiC rings were used. The guide ring has its own small mechanism which can be folded. This protects the rod and improves the transport characteristics. Also the rod rings have a good size for the fishing line. Exactly as you would expect from a surf rod.

You can tell from the complete construction that the rod is mainly aimed at anglers who have already gained some experience on the water. This applies both to the casting characteristics as well as to the first cast. But also beginners will have fun with it.

The Cormoran Seacor Mega Surf seems to be very balanced and has a great behaviour when drilling. Especially when you have to fight with the bite, this surf rod is flexible but also not too flexible. This has an excellent effect at the first go and you get the fish very well from the sea on land.

Picture of the rod

This is what the surf rod looks like:

All facts at a glance

All facts summarized for you

  • Brand: Cormoran
  • Length: 4.20 m
  • Casting weight: 100 to 250 g
  • Transport dimensions: 4.20 m
  • Parts: 3 pieces
  • Weight: 630 g
  • Rings: 6 pieces


In the end the Cormoran Seacor Mega Surf is a little more expensive, but worth the money. It has excellent rod casting and drilling characteristics. Therefore we can recommend this rod to all those who want to spend more money and want to be sure that their money is well invested for a longer period of time.

Quantum fishing rod Bay Walker Surf

Note: This item may not be available at the moment. Alternatively, the following display fishing rods are available.

The blank of the display Quantum Bay Walker Surf is made of carbon fiber. This is also the reason for the relatively light weight. Even if it is still 590 g, the weight does not seem so heavy because the surf rod is very well balanced. Especially when you take it in your hands and compare it with a cheaper model, you can feel this clearly.

In addition, it also has a relatively high casting weight of up to 250 g. Therefore it is much more flexible when it comes to heavy lures. We have tried out very heavy pilkers on the coast ourselves and have had no problems whatsoever.

All in all the rod consists of 3 parts which can be easily assembled to a handy transport size of 1,46 m. Therefore it fits into almost every car. If you like you can also look for the right rod bag at the following link. This protects the Quantum fishing rod Bay Walker Surf even more.

However, the rod is relatively expensive and in the product report is definitely one of the most expensive rods. But we are very convinced of the quality and workmanship and can therefore recommend it in any case.

Official Illustration

Here is a picture so that you can better imagine the surf rod:

Short and concise summary of the surf rod test

The most important things for you at a glance:

  • Brand: Cormoran
  • Material Blank: Carbon
  • Length: 4,20 m
  • Casting weight: 0-250 g
  • Transport dimensions: 1. 46 m
  • Parts: 3 pieces
  • Weight: 590 g

Conclusion on the surf rod test

In our opinion the Quantum fishing rod Bay Walker Surf is the best surf rod presented here. It has many good characteristics. Starting with the material and the processing of the blank, the high casting weight and the total weight.

In practice it also worked very well and both the action and the first try were excellent. All this has led to the fact that we have chosen this rod as the winner of the comparison. But we can definitely recommend this model.

Penn Squadron SURF 423 100-250

Note: This item might not be available at the moment. Alternatively, the following display fire rods are available.

As the last of the surf rods test series we would like to introduce the DisplayPenn Squadron SURF. It is also a 4.20 m long surf rod. It even weighs a little less than the winner and has a casting weight between 100 and 250 g. In general it has many similarities to the Quantum Bay Walker Surf.

What we also like about this rod is that it comes with a small bag. This bag protects the rod and can also be used for transportation. From the processing, the cloth case is completely ok. In any case it fulfils its purpose.

The blank consists of 24T carbon. This is considered to be particularly stable when drilling, but still gives you the necessary flexibility to be informed of a bite via the rod tip. The rod rings are also appropriately large for a surf rod. Furthermore, it also works very well at the first try. Here the manufacturer Penn has definitely done some things right. It is not for nothing that he is considered a sought-after manufacturer in the fishing rod sector.

Official picture

Click on the picture to enlarge it:

The most important facts

Here is a summary:

  • Brand: Penn
  • Delivery: 1 rod
  • Length: 4,20 m
  • Parts: 3
  • Transport length 148 cm
  • Casting weight: 100 to 250 g
  • Weight: 586 g


This rod is a model which is mainly intended for beginners. It is neither too heavy nor too light. In addition, it is also ok from the processing. Who does not want to spend so much money and still sets value on quality, is with this on the safe side. Following is a graphic summary for you:

Final conclusion to the surf rod test

In conclusion, there are many different good and bad surf rods on the market. In the end, everyone has to decide for himself which model he can best handle. We can only make recommendations, but we hope that you have found what you are looking for.

If you haven’t found your dream rod here yet, you will also find various display surf rods at the fishing spot. Just have a look and it will be worth it.

We hope that the small surf rod test helped you a little bit.

Best wishes

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