Fishing With Dough Recipes And Correct Baiting


Dough has been almost forgotten by many carp and game fish fishermen nowadays, although it is one of the oldest fishing lures and still very catchy. A cheese dough is even the best barbel bait of all. Another big advantage of dough is that it is usually very cheap and easy on the wallet. Another advantage is that you can make your own unique dough that no other angler fishes with. We have written down recipes and other tips for fishing with batter here. The use of dough is also versatile. You can offer dough together with a feed basket, which may even contain the exact mixture as feed. Of course, dough is also a great bait at the pose just like that.

Boilies are nothing else than cooked high protein dough. Just give the dough a chance again!

Table of Contents Dough Anchoring Recipe: The basic doughRecipe: Cheese doughRecipe: Honey doughRecipe: Crayfish doughRecipe: Worm doughRecipe: Sweet carp dough

Dough Anchoring

To anchor the dough: A hook of the appropriate size is pierced through the dough from below so that the tip is still covered or just sticks out. Alternatively you can of course also knead the dough around the thigh. For the bait fishing of arbours I like to use dough and bait it as follows I press the hook into a small ball of dough and then roll the dough between my fingers into an oval or a kind of maggot shape. The consistency of the dough must be such that it is tough enough that it won’t fall off the hook when casting or nibbling small whitefish. How big you make the dough ball depends on the target fish, for arbours it can be as big as a maggot, for carp as big as a walnut. For small balls of dough you should check every 10-20 minutes whether the ball is still well attached to the hook and replace it if necessary. Dough also releases its aroma quickly, which has the advantage that fish are quickly attracted and can smell the dough well.

Recipe: The basic dough

The basis of all our recipes except the sweet carp dough. 2-3 slices of debarked white bread or toast are debarked and then very briefly dipped in boiling or hot water in a kitchen towel. Now the kitchen towel is gathered together and excess liquid is squeezed out. If the dough is not stable enough, add some flour and knead the dough well.

If this is too much work for you, you can also simply knead the white bread or toast in a bowl with careful addition of water to form a dough. You can even catch fish with it!    Remember that the dough usually still has to draw a little with the moisture. If the consistency is not right it also does some breadcrumbs to get binding in the dough.

Recipe: Cheese dough

For barbels the best dough par excellence, but also chubs like cheese flavoured dough.  Before dipping the base dough in hot water or kneading the toast, add a tablespoon of sugar and 3-4 tablespoons of grated hard cheese or Parmesan cheese, and then knead again until super catchy.

Recipe: Honey dough

After you have the basic dough, simply add 1-2 tablespoons of sugar and some honey, so that the dough becomes tough and binds well. For a little extra protein in the dough and even more binding you can also add a protein.

Recipe: Crayfish dough

Simply add 5 tablespoons of crumbled or ground dried crayfish to the basic dough. Brook flea crabs or small crustaceans are the natural food of many fish and you will be surprised what bites so everything on such a dough. Especially for carp you can also add some dried and finely crumbled silkworms.

Recipe: Worm dough

A dough that is a bit unappetizing to make. Finely weighed worms are added to the basic dough in a ratio of 4 worms 1. You can best cut it up with a chopping knife. Carp, chub and barbel love this dough and straight capitals fall for this dough.

Recipe: Carp dough sweet

Ingredients: 500 ml milk, 4 sachets vanilla sugar, 300g polenta, 3-4 tsp cinnamon, 3-4 honey and 30-50g butter.

Caution! The dough tastes good not only to carp, but also to humans, try it. The consistency is perfect. The dough can be frozen after fishing.

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