Flat Running Hardbait Reviewed


The futuristic looking wobbler from Sealurer immediately appealed to me with its more unusual design. So I ordered it so that I could take a closer look at it. Small update: The snap rings don’t make a too good impression after a while of fishing and should be replaced. For this you will get a point deduction.

Sealurer Testreview

The Sealurer Minnow in 12cm comes in many different gaudy designs.  Only the dark green one is more natural coloured and reminds of a pike decoration (see picture below). So this lure is rather something for turbid water. Not only the shock colours but also the design makes the wobbler look very futuristic. In the original description there is nothing about the diving depth, I would estimate it to a maximum of 1 m, rather less, because the small diving shovel will not allow more.  Except for the silver-white, the plugs have no reflecting foils or similar, which doesn’t matter in turbid water. Another point that makes sense at this point are the big loud steel balls in the body of the wobbler, which also help the predatory fish to find the lure. So the plugs seem to be well thought out. The head is nicely modelled in three dimensions. But even with this plugs there are some minor manufacturing flaws and the sharp hooks also leave slight marks on the paint. This gives a point deduction, but is not dramatic, especially not for ~1,3 € per piece. I would also like to note that the dark green wobbler was delivered to me twice and the blue one was missing. If you want certain colours, you can usually communicate this with the dealers. The run of this wobbler is very good, because it is a copy of a quite expensive Japanese wobbler.

The plugs are sold by several brands like Sunlure, Sealurer and many more and you can get them under the following links:

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