Fox Rage Slick Shads On Test


Fox Rage Slick Shads in the testIntroductionThe Fox Rage Slick Shad rubber fish are available in different versions and combine the best features of the series Spikey Shad, Zander Pro Shad and Slick Shad. Due to the soft rubber compound and the slim body combined with strong UV-activity they give a very good lure for pike and zander. Perch can also be caught with the lure, but due to the available sizes this is not quite the target fish, more about this later We have been fishing with the lures for zander and perch for quite a while now. In this field report you will learn how well and how the lures worked and how catchy they were. Product DetailsThe rubber lures from the Slick Shad Ultra UV series are available in 5 different colours, namely Arkansas, Raspberry, Pearl, Dark Oil and Pink Candy. You have the possibility to choose from 4 different sizes. These are 7, 9, 11 and 13 cm. Unfortunately we could only fish the lures in 9 and 11 cm, because the 7 cm version was not available at our dealer for a longer time. Construction & ProcessingThe rubber mixture of the Fox Rage Slick Shads is soft, but not too soft. Compared to your favourite baits you will notice that they are even softer. From my point of view the Fox Rage lures offer a good compromise here, because the lure can be folded very well by the fish when it sucks the lure. At the same time the slightly harder rubber compound prevents the lure from being worn out and unusable very quickly by the bites, otherwise all lures have glued-on eyes that reflect the light and thus create additional irritation. The body shape of the Fox Rage Slick Shad is narrow and round and tapers to the tail end. A small fin on the bottom of the shad gives a more realistic appearance and there is a gap in the lure on both the top and the bottom. Fishing with an offset hook is no problem, handling and practicalityIn practice the slick shads turned out to be very catchy. We were able to outwit a lot of zander with the lure and also got some perch on the hook. But these were not the target fish. With 7 cm rubber baits this looks different, but unfortunately they were not available to us. The tail of the rubber fish makes a nice subtle action in the water, which especially in the sinking phase tempted many a zander to bite. We fish mainly from the boat and then both vertically and casting. In both cases we have been able to outwit many fish with the Slick Shad and the UV activity of some colours, especially the colours Pink Candy, Lemon Tiger and Pearl have proven to be very catchy in the evening hours. Because of the cloudy water in the Weser, shock colours are a good choice during the day. Now and then also more muted tones were successful, but then mostly with glittered lures, which could score in the water by light reflections. price-performance ratioPrice wise the 7 cm lures start at about 80 Cent per piece and end at 1,70 Euro for the 13 cm shad. As the lures are very long lasting and can be used for many drills and bites without any problems, the price is in my opinion absolutely ok. ConclusionAll in all the lures from the Fox Rage Slick Shad series are perfect for fishing for zander. We were able to outwit a lot of predators and rarely had days when we went home as tailors. The durability of the lures is great and also the choice of available colours was very suitable for our purposes. all in all the slick shads are now a permanent part of my lure box and I still love to fish them. So from us an absolute recommendation to buy the lures. If you fish a lot for zander, you should definitely try them out.

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