Gamakatsu Back Pack Fishing Backpack Reviewed


Gamakatsu Back Pack Fishing backpack in the testIntroductionThe Gamakatsu Back Pack is a fishing backpack that is primarily intended for spinning. Compared to other backpacks, it stands out above all because of its modern design. It doesn’t look overloaded like some other fishing backpacks and could even pass as a leisure backpack. How the Japanese manufacturer’s backpack performs in practice, you can read here in our test report. Product detailsDimensions: 43 x 29 x 20 cmWeight: 1,8 kg (empty weight: bag + bait boxes)Rod holders on both sides, adjustable inner compartmentScope of delivery: Backpack, 4 big tackle boxes, 1 small tackle boxBuilding up & processingWhat immediately stands out is the material of the Gamakatsu fishing backpack. The thick nylon feels very heavy and high quality. The seams are all sewn very well, Gamakatsu seems to attach great importance to workmanship and quality. Also very comfortable: The backpack stands by itself due to its straight underside and is therefore easily accessible. Gamakatsu states in their product description that the rucksack has a rod holder on both sides, but this is only partly true. While on the right side there is both a pocket and a belt with clip, on the left side there is only one pocket. This makes this bag less suitable for carrying a rod, as it does not sit properly here. The upper compartment is protected by a cover, which is kept closed by a clip. The upper compartment is protected by a cover, which is held closed by a clip and has a large compartment for storing various items and a compartment for the small tackle box, which is included in the scope of delivery. Inside the upper compartment there is also a transparent compartment with a zipper, in which you can store your fishing documents such as fishing license or water map. If you take the tackle boxes out of the compartment underneath, this bottom can be folded down so that even bigger things can be stored in the backpack. Logically, the tackle boxes can then no longer be transported in the compartment provided for this purpose. The space available is rounded off by a pocket on the left side of the rucksack in which additional small items can be stowed. Handling & practicalityThe shoulder straps and back of the Gamakatsu Back Pack are sufficiently padded, even though there could have been a ticking of more material to achieve an even better carrying feeling. The space available in the rucksack is completely sufficient and offers enough room for most spinning tours. A small shortcoming here is the upper “cover”. This has no real function and only covers the main compartment and the compartment with the smaller tackle box. So you always have to make one more move to open the clip. This could have been solved better and there are also advantages for the upright stand and the rubberized bottom. The rod holder also proved to be very practical and well positioned in practice.conclusionThe Gamakatsu Back Pack fishing backpack brings a modern look and a very good quality of workmanship with it. It sits well on the back and offers enough space. There is a small trigger for the upper compartment, here the accessibility could have been better solved. All in all a very good fishing backpack that knows how to please. With a price of just under 90 euros, the backpack is significantly more expensive than many of its competitors, but the good quality of material and workmanship makes this a good choice for me.all in all, the Gamakatsu fishing backpack is a clear recommendation to buy. Especially anglers, who not only want a good product but also want to look good and have a contemporary look, should take a closer look at the Gamakatsu Back Pack.

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