Good Line For Little Money: Kastking Fishing Lines In Long Term Review


For quite some time now, Kastking lines have been considered an insider tip, as they are offered at significantly lower prices than the traditional brands. The only question is whether they are suitable and keep their promise. That’s why I have tested lines, whereby I have been fishing the classic 4-plait braided lines for almost 2 years and the 8-plait braided lines for almost a year. Of the 4-plait line I have 3 spools: one 300 m with 20lb, i.e. 9.09 kg and 0.18 mm, and one 300 m 15lb = 6.82 kg and 0.14 mm. I bought and tested the 8-plait Mega 8 with 10lb and 0,14 mm.

The line is the direct connection between fish and angler and has to withstand heavy loads during fishing. For years now, braided lines have been used more and more often, especially for spin fishing and bottom fishing at a distance, as well as when fishing at great depths. With the same diameter, these lines have a significantly higher load capacity and no stretch, so that better bite detection and a more powerful stroke and then direct contact with the fish is possible. The disadvantages of braided lines are the lower abrasion resistance and the non-existent buffering effect. More can be found here in my article about braided lines >>

Table of Contents First impressionCasting characteristicsCasting capacity and diameterColours and colour fastnessPracticeFazitKastking Mega 8 and BraidPrice-PerformanceAbrasion resistanceCasting characteristics Pros Cons

First impression

First you will notice that the 4x lines are quite soft. Under the magnifying glass I noticed that the Kastking lines are much tighter braided than a couple of well known braids. It seems to be coated and feels smooth. It can be creased after pulling it apart but there is no sign of the crease, not even with a magnifying glass. The finish seems to be good. The 8x braided line is a bit stiffer as it is coated, but it gets softer after a few times of fishing.

Casting characteristics

The lines cast very well and far. The lines are also quite round braided, which is important for the casting distance. Of course the Mega 8 is much rounder see the microscope picture and casts a little bit further.

Load capacity and diameter

There is a “tradition” with fishing lines that load capacity and diameter specifications of the manufacturer are purely theoretical.    In Germany both specifications are often exaggerated excessively while in the USA the lines are often only specified with the load capacity and this is also much more consistent. However, it is often difficult to compare, because every manufacturer has his own theory about the load capacity. The lb value for Kastking lines corresponds to the wet knot strength and is stated quite accurately.  With a suitcase scale I checked exactly this and came to the conclusion that they are only minimally below the specifications. I think that is good! But the diameter is, as usual with all braided lines, a bit exaggerated.

Colors and color fastness

Braided lines are available in all kinds of colors to show a better visibility of the line for example at night or in bad light conditions a pink line can help. I personally like to use white for spin fishing, because many predators strike from below and see the line against the white or bright sky. The lines are available in blue, green, dark grey, pink, red, white and yellow.

To keep the colours beautiful a line should be colourfast and keep them relatively long. It is normal that some colour is lost after a couple of fishings, but there have been lines on the German market that have completely discoloured after one fishing session. To test the colour fastness I put both Kastking lines separately for one week in water with 60°C and let them pull. The result with the green line was that the water turned slightly green after 24 hours and then remained constant. Fishing has shown, however, that the lines lose their colour much faster than I am used to with branded lines.


So far there is hardly anything to complain about except the colour fastness just mentioned. I used to have a wig, but then I fished with artificial bait without a swivel, so it’s my own fault. I have caught many fish, among them my world record knifefish with over 6 kg with a 10 lb line and on one (Kastking Sharky 2 reel). You don’t have to say more. Here is a video of the fight (with not so great quality but see for yourself)


Are the cheap braided ones from Kastking the miracle cords we have all been waiting for? No, but they do what they are supposed to do and they do it very well and especially at an unbeatable price for well known branded lines you pay much more! I like the fact that the load capacities are quite consistent. The abrasion resistance is OK, the colour fastness is bad. If you buy one of the lines, you should go by the load capacity and not by the diameter, then you know exactly what you get. Nevertheless I think the line is very recommendable.

Kastking Mega 8 and Braid 8.8 Price-performance ratio 9.5/10 Abrasion resistance 8.5/10 Throwing characteristics 8.5/10 Pros Favourable carrying capacity data consistentOverall picture in practice Cons Colour fastnessDiameter not consistent (as with all other braided lines)Something loud View here at Amazon

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