Helicopter Rig: Instructions For 6 Top Mounts To Tie + Build Yourself


In this article we would like to introduce the Helicopter Rig to you in detail. It is a fishing rig, which is mainly used on muddy ground.

Even long casts can be achieved very well with this rig. It is mainly used for pike, carp, eel, trout, zander & tench.

As with every fishing rod assembly, it’s the finer points that count to be successful. In this article we present you different models exactly.

By the way, in our big book you will find the newest and best angling mounts to start immediately. No matter which water you are on, you always have the right mount with you. This saves you time, energy and nerves.

What is a Helicopter Rig?

A Helicopter Rig is a fishing rig used for pike, carp, eel, trout, zander & tench. It has the property that the lead (or the feed basket) flies in front during casting.

The leader then usually rotates around the main line (like a helicopter). This improves the flying characteristics very well and there is less line twist, tangles and knots.

The fishing rod assembly is mainly used on the river. Because here it can align itself optimally with the current. But it can also be used on trout ponds or fishing lakes.

What are the advantages?

It is the only angling assembly where the leader is attached above the lead. There are also other obvious advantages. We have listed the most important ones for you below:

  • Can be used on muddy surfaces (a popup or
  • Long distance casts are possible
  • Suitable for sinking lures
  • Good flight characteristics (can be placed very precisely)
  • Excellent bait presentation on soft ground
  • One of the most catching montages ever
  • Very flexible in adaptation with only small changes
  • The fish hooks itself to the hook (self-hooking assembly)
  • Hardly any entanglement when casting
  • Very reliable
  • It is easy to tie
  • Can be used for many fish (pike, carp, eel, trout, pike-perch & tench)

A disadvantage may be , that inexperienced people take a little longer to put together.

Where can you buy them ready made?

In this article we show you how to build and tie them yourself. However, this can sometimes be quite tedious. That’s why you can buy the assemblies ready to use.

A good address is AnzeigeAmazon to buy finished rigs. Here you can find the fishing rigs for different target fish. They differ in different variants as ready tied mounts for different requirements.

Accessories for a helicopter rig you can also buy display goods at Angelplatz.

Our own experiences

We have actually used them several times in waters and also different target fishes that have a muddy bottom. Especially here it could develop its full potential as the lure did not sink in the mud.

This made it possible for us to land several of our target fish (carp) directly.

Helicopter rig for pike in the river

The helicopter rig for pike or “kebab rig” is perfect to offer several fish shreds directly to the esox. It is a rather unusual rig which has a lot of potential.

The advantage is, that the fish shreds emit attractive scents and in addition the bait popper is very eye-catching. It pulls the baits comfortably upwards (away from the mud)


Below is an overview of the materials you need for the pike leader with Bait Popper.

  • Main line (0,16 mm braided from display fishing area)
  • Rubber bead / stuffer bead / rubber stopper
  • Swivel (e.g. display as set of sturgeon)
  • 40 cm steel leader from Petri’s Catch.
  • Hook: Three of a kind from display Gamakatsu size 1/0 to 5/0
  • Bait Popper from Fox (available here)
  • Fixed lead (for example display this one from Amazon for bottom fishing)
  • Lure: Bait fish pieces/ shreds of roach

Alternatively you can use the finished Fox Deadbait Kebab Kit (you can find it here). This kit has everything to skewer and present the fish pieces even better.

Instructions for making & binding

Below is a short overview of how the assembly is set up:

First of all a steel leader is hooked into the main line. This should be approx. 40 cm long and is equipped with a triplet.

You then slide the “Steam” onto this. The fish shreds are then pushed onto this and attached. A Bait Popper at the end provides the necessary buoyancy.

The fixed lead is then attached to the lower end. This can sink now problem-free in the mud so that the assembly gets its firm “stand”.

Helicopter Rig for tench

The Helicopter Rig for tench has a special feature: A hair. 2 to 4 grains of maize are grown on it. Optionally, pellets for bait presentation are also possible.

Also use an open feed basket so that the tench can better perceive the pellets.


Below is a list of the most important materials you need for the assembly:

  • Feed basket (here you have a larger selection to display)
  • (carabiner) swivel (e.g.
  • Beads / rubber stopper (we can recommend this display stopper)
  • Ready made display hair leader from Shaddok with hook sizes 2, 4 and 6
  • Lures: corn & mini pellets or display boilies

That’s all you usually need for fishing with tench.

Instructions for building & tying your own

This is how the tench assembly looks like:

First of all you have to build and tie 2 beads on the main line to attach the hair leader in between. On the hair the corn is then pulled up. A small triplet or a 2, 4 or 6 hook should be enough for this.

At the lower end of the main line a feed basket is now hung up. This should be filled with mini pellets. Optionally Mini-Boilies also work very well.

Especially in spring and summer this fishing method is very promising on tench.

Helicopter mounting trout

This mounting is also very suitable for trout fishing. We have had good experience with bee maggots on the helicopter in autumn. You can either guide the assembly (this will cause the typical propeller movement) or you can use it passively.

Then the current usually provides the necessary movement of the helicopter. Of course a suitable trout rod (tackle) is also important for this. DisplayHere you will find a larger selection.

In general: Try to stand out from the crowd when fishing for trout: Because if everyone’s fishing for worms, you should offer maggots, for example.


Here is a list of materials to tie yourself:

  • EXORI Trout Project Helicopter Spiral bait display35mm in purple or blue
  • Main line (0,12 mm braided from display fishing place)
  • 70 cm Leader (0,20 mm Fluorocarbon from AnzeigeShimano)
  • Fishing hook (size 10 for example in the AnzeigeSet)
  • 2 beads
  • (carabiner) swivel (z.
  • Lead: 8 g (e.g. in a display set)
  • Lures: bee maggots

You usually don’t need more than this in addition to the basic trout fishing equipment.

Instructions for building & tying your own

Below is an illustration of how to build the rod assembly:

The rod assembly is relatively easy to assemble. First you attach the side arm to the 0.12 mm braided main line. The leader consists of an approx. 70 cm long and 0.20 mm thick fluorocarbon line.

The lead should have about 8 g to give it the necessary strength on the ground. This is usually already enough.

Helicopter assembly ZanderWith a helicopter assembly (or for Zander also called fixed lead assembly) you can outwit the predator relatively easily. It has proven itself especially on the bottom of rivers. Because here it can align itself perfectly through the current, especially when it is muddy. MaterialsThe following is an overview of the necessary materials for the Zander assembly: Main line (18 mm to 0.20 mm braided e.g. from AnzeigeStork)Anti-Tangle-Tube60 cm steel leader or fluorocarbon (0,12 to 0,14 mm thickness for example from AnzeigeShimanoHook size 2 / optional triplets (we recommend AnzeigePaladin)Bait: Bait fish (gudgeons, perch, roach, rudd & sardines)That’s it in principle. Instructions for building & tying the lure yourselfThe following illustration shows you in a simple way how to assemble the lure assembly: First you attach the Anti Tangle Tube to the main line. From there the side arm goes off to the side. Use a steel leader or fluorocarbon for the leader and then attach the bait fish (for example roach) with two triplets. At the end you put the 8 g ground lead on the main line.helicopter mounting with feed basketEels can also be outwitted with the mounting.we use the helicopter rig for eels mainly as an alternative to the Dyson rig. We use the helicopter rig for the eel mainly as an alternative to the Dyson rig, because sometimes it can happen that it does not bring the desired success and the eels stay out for nights on end. Normally it is less suitable for predators. The most important materials we have listed below are the most important materials for you. The links lead to the respective shop to buy the utensils directly. We have made the best experience with it.leader line (monofilament fishing line – 0.16 mm to 0.18 mm from AnzeigeSeaKnightLure: Worms or maggots (good worms you get from AnzeigeFeeders & more)Feeding basket with maggots (for example AnzeigeItalian meat maggots)Pearls / rubber stopper (we can recommend this AnzeigeStopper)Hook (size 4 to 6 – a large selection you will find here)Peg (carabiner) (z. B. this indicator swivel set)If you go fishing for eel on a regular basis, you will need the above-mentioned utensils.instructions for building & tying the swivel yourselfThe following illustration will help you to easily rebuild the assembly The feeding basket is crucial for success: To build it up, first hook a side arm with a hook size 4 to 6 to the main line. There is now space for 2 to 3 maggots. Then you knot a feed basket to the main line. Fill it with either maggots or worm pieces to attract the eels and hold the side arm in position with the beads or stoppers. This will prevent the line from twisting and knotting during casting and we have also put together some more eel mounts for you in the following article. And in our big article on eel fishing you will find many tips and tricks so that your next eel is a capital eel. Helicopter Rig for CarpThe Helicopter Rig is also very suitable for carp fishing. If you cast the carp rig carefully, you can expect that the lure will be presented to the carp very well.materialsHere is an overview of the most important materials for tying the carp rig itself:Main line 0,35 mm monofilament for example from AnzeigeSeaknightPearls(carabiner-) swivel (e.g. For example, this set)Fixed lead (for example, this one from Amazon for bottom fishing of the brand Fox in 142 g)Bait: Boilies from AnzeigeAngel-Bergerferfertiges Haarfvorfach from AnzeigeShadokkThat’s enough. You usually don’t need a bite indicator, instructions to build and tie it yourself. And this is how it is assembled: The leader is tied directly to the main line. The swivel is supported by two beads to prevent it from slipping and a hair is then knotted to the leader. Two boilies are placed at the lower end of the leader. You can decide if you want to use one or two boilies, this leader can be used on larger lakes where the carp do not usually swim directly on the shore. The rig is especially suitable for long distances and you should also feed the carp with basic food.

Suitable YouTube video for fishing with the rig

Below is a YouTube video which is about 4 minutes and 47 seconds long. Here the Helicopter Rig for carp fishing is presented in detail.


Which helicopter assembly you choose depends on the fish you want to fish. And then of course it depends on the lure to be used. In any case we have had very good experience with our instructions when tying. And we hope that we were able to help you a bit with it.

If you have any questions about the individual rod assemblies, then we would be happy to hear your comments under this article. We usually answer every comment within 24 hours.

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