Johncoo Travel Rod In Short Review


After I was quite satisfied with the reels from Aliexpress, I got myself a travel spinning rod from China to see if they are any good. The rod was tested in Mexico and not by me, but by my nephew.

My nephew is not very careful with his things, so I rather bought a cheap travel rod for his beginnings. But I only gave him the rod after I had been fishing with it myself and had a close look at it. I have to say I was impressed and will soon order another rod (an Ultralight rod is on its way to me).

First impression and test

The first impression was quite positive, only the slightest manufacturing faults that you normally know

even with expensive rods here but otherwise really ok. The only thing I am not completely convinced of is the reel seat, which is made of cheap plastic, like I had with the Okuma Alaris. For the price you can hardly complain. The rod was exactly as described and also the casting weight of 10-25 g seems to be right. Even 5 g lures can be cast quite OK and 30 g did not give me a bad feeling and I have thrown several times with such weights.

The rod has a medium-fast action as indicated and especially the tip bends slightly, after that the rod gets much harder. The feeling in the rod is still very good and you get fine plucks. The ring inlays are not made of plastic, as I feared, but of a ceramic. So the rod should also be ready for braided lines. I really liked how the rod is perfectly balanced with a light 2000 ` reel.


In short: the rod has survived the rough handling of my nephew and his Mexico trip with small barracudas. It is ideal for spin fishing for perch, trout and chub, and will probably not fail even with the largest specimens. It was probably made for black bass. Of course you won’t get a noble rod and high tech but a cheap rod with which you can make a few casts during your holidays and which leaves any cheap tele far behind.

The rod is available in several variations in 2,1 2,3 2,7 and 3,0 m and always with trigger handle or the classic spinning rod handle. I have ordered it here at Aliexpress >>

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