Kastking Mela My Impression Of The Spinning Reel


Today another candidate of the Kastking company in test. The rather cheap reel Kastking Mela 2 and to make it short: the reel didn’t knock me out and went back again! Therefore no real test, just my impression of the cranking, quality and feel.

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My impression of the reel

The reel cranks pleasantly easy and looks quite nice for me. Optically it copies at least partly clearly more expensive rolls. But what is this? The backstop of my Kastking Mela does not work and the crank can be turned backwards. After a while of cranking and adjusting the lever for the backstop it suddenly works again. There is probably no good quality control on the reel, because that would have been noticed!

What I really like is the thick and stable line-stop, which makes a very satisfying loud noise when you fold it back and the generally very light weight of the reel, which has an aluminium spool and even a spare spool, which is unfortunately made of plastic, but you can get that even with 60-70 € reels… unfortunately.

The string laying of the reel is again completely ok to even very good

Otherwise everything seems to be well made except for the fact that the crank knob of my reel has some play and when turning it it clicks all the time. This is the absolute knockout criterion for me, because I find it annoying to hear a clicking sound from my reel all the time while fishing. If it wasn’t that noise I would have kept the reel even though the backstop didn’t work at first. Otherwise the brake works perfectly and you get a lot of reel for the money.

A short video of me on the Kastking Mela II


If you have no bad luck and don’t catch a Monday model, then the reel seems to me quite passable. With a price of around 30 € you can expect “a little fishing reel” as the Spro Mimic >> shows us. The other Kastking reels really convinced me and I think it’s a pity that Mela didn’t make it.

In my opinion it is not possible that the customer takes over the quality control here. Here it shows for me once again: whoever buys cheap, buys (often) twice.

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