Kastking Sharky 2 In Long Term Review


The Kastking Sharky 2 spinning reel has been with me for almost two years now and has accompanied me from the Rhine to the small forest lake and to the Philippines. I got myself the 3000` and

is now writing this long term test for you. Recently the role in 2000 and 6000 was added. So now I have three of the good plays.

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First impression

The first impression is good, the reel looks solid, seems stable and turns easily. In addition, the black and red design is quite nice to look at. Only the writing on the spool does not really please me. Out of the box the reel cranks really well and quietly and this although it is well greased as noted below. The 11 ball bearings do their job really well (actually everything about 6-7 is nonsense). The roller bar is very stable and folds over very cleanly except for one position when the crank is operated. The brake knob is big and easy to operate.


There is almost nothing to complain about. Only the red plastic cap takes scratches quickly. The crank is very solid aluminium, just like the spool with a nice edge for further throws. Nothing wobbles at the crank and it cannot be turned back in any position.

The spool design is also something new that we have never seen before, because the spool is double ball bearing mounted and the clicker above the spool under the brake knob. When opening the reel you notice that it is very well greased. Therefore re-greasing is not necessary.

Roller sizes with characteristics

The 3000` size of the roller is indicated with 8 kg brake force – this is really enormous. If you turn the brake completely, it is really difficult to turn the spool, of course you have to wind up the appropriate line. 7,5 kg brake force I could measure with my reel! The spool axle is also thick enough to hold against such forces and is very stable.

Furthermore the reel is advertised to be waterproof for 3 minutes and therefore suitable for sea anglers. It is sealed at crucial points and after a short test in the bucket this statement is confirmed. Later on I managed to have my rod and reel pulled into the water by a fish from a jetty at a depth of 5 m. With a blinker I somehow managed to catch the line of the rod, on which no more fish was hanging and to carry everything up. Result after more than 10 minutes in 5 m deep water water got into the reel. After two weeks the time had come and some ball bearings started to rust. But the local Philippine angler was able to repair this and the reel was almost as new again.

Here is another colleague, who uses the reel to fish some good strippers from the kayak.

The reel sizes in the overview


If you are looking for a cheap and good spinning reel, you will find it here. Comparable reels cost at least 20-30 % more. Reels with such braking forces even double that. Nobody needs the high braking power, but it feels good to have it.    So far I had no trouble with my Sharkys but still you can hear from Monday models from time to time.

Kastking Sharky 2 spinning reel 8.6 Price-performance ratio 9.5/10 Robustness 8.5/10 Practical use 9.0/10 Technology 7.5/10 Pros CheapStrong brakeWaterproofSaltwaterproof Cons Could be a little better made here and there View here at Amazon >>

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