KastKing Spartacus Plus Reviewed


KastKing Spartacus Plus Baitcastle in the test IntroductionEven if products from China are often cheap, one hears much bad about their quality. One brand, about which I have read something good from time to time in the past weeks, is KastKing. Since I was looking for an additional Baitcaster reel for my Obei Hurricane vertical rod anyway, I ordered the KastKing Spartacus Plus without further ado. With a price of 25 Euro you can’t expect too much, but I was very positively surprised. Why, I will tell you in the following test report on the KastKing Spartacus Plus. Product detailsTranslation: 6.3:1Weight: 0.22 kgBall bearings: 11+ 1 (stainless steel)MaxiDur corrosion resistant ball bearingsCord capacity (mm/m): 0.285/115, 0.33/90, 0.37/75, 0.4/60Cord feed per revolution: 65 cmBuilding up & processingDelivered well packed in a small box, about 20 days after my order. I have decided to use the yellow version. The first time you take the roll in your hand it makes an amazingly good impression. The case is completely made of metal, only handles and knobs are made of plastic, but the gaps look very good, even if the paint inside the gaps is not perfect. On the inside you can also see some spots where the mould has not been cleanly reworked after casting. This is certainly not tragic for practical use, but it clearly distinguishes the roll from expensive Baitcast rolls, where the workmanship is perfect. This is only noticeable in a quiet environment, but it is a clear characteristic of a cheap reel, the price difference must come from somewhere: The adjustment wheels for star brake, spool brake and spool brake knob of the Kastking Spartacus Plus run clean and make a good impression. Furthermore KastKing did not exaggerate and only placed the logo discreetly on the top and on the foam handles. On the right and left side of the reel the brand name and the name of the reel is printed as well.handling & practicalityThe KastKing Spartacus Plus is actually designed as a reel for bass fishing for the American market. It has 8kg brake power and is therefore also very suitable for vertical fishing for zander and perch. price-performance ratioFor about 25 Euro you get a solid Baitcaster reel that works quite well. Of course you can’t expect the quality of workmanship of reels at prices of 100 Euro and more. You have to accept smaller imperfections during the processing as well as here, even if they do not disturb during use. Conclusion: Basically the Kastking Spartacus Plus works very well and withstands even bigger fish without any problems. Brake and reel still run well after a few weeks and show no signs of wear, the only drawback is of course the warranty, which is virtually non-existent. Even though KastKing offers a one-year warranty, it might be quite difficult to honour it due to the location of the company, but in total we recommend buying the reel, as we have had no problems so far and the reel has been running very smoothly and reliably.

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