Knotless Knots How To Fish With No Knots


Almost everyone uses braided lines for spin fishing, but unfortunately these have a big disadvantage in terms of knotting. Especially the very smooth 8x or 12x braided ones make you very angry when knotting, because they like to slip through. The next thing is that most of the knots, which are suitable for braided lines, are very difficult to tie or reduce the load capacity of the line.

So you always have the problem: how do I attach my fluorocarbon or monofilament leader to the braided main line? The solution is quite simple, there are now knotless connectors available everywhere, with which you can attach your leader to the main line in record time.

No Knot AssemblyMy tip here is: I have the No knot at the end of my braided main line when I’m spinning, and then I always put a swivel into the No knot (see pictures below), this gives flexibility in choosing the leader and changing the leader length. This also allows me to quickly change from a steel leader to monofilament or vice versa.

Mounting the No Knots is like this:

Here is a 5 easy steps how to connect the leader or a swivel to the main line with a knotless connector.

First we either put a swivel in the eye of the No Knot… or we put a loop of our leader directly into the Noknot. Alternatively, you can later connect the leader to the knotless connector knot. Step 1: Make a loop with the braided main line. Step 2. this loop is put over the hook see picture. Step 3. wrap the whole thing around the knotless connector. Step 4: 5-8 windings are sufficient. They should be next to each other. Step 5: Now clip the short end and the long end of the main line into the right (small) eyelet and you are done!

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