Madbite Plugs Reviewed


Madbite is something like a noble brand for plugs that is available on Chinese market platforms. The plugs are much more expensive than the cheap plugs and some models cost 2-5 € which is the price level you pay for very cheap models. We have taken a closer look at a deep diving plugs here.

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First impression

The wobbler comes in a nice packaging and the triplets are protected with rubber bands. So they do not scratch the body of the wobbler and stay nice and sharp.  The hooks are VMC hooks according to the packaging information and they seem to be VMC Permasteel hooks, which are salt water resistant and very sharp.

The workmanship also looks a bit more high quality all around than the cheaper models. The scale and gill pattern is completely in 3D and the eyes are very nicely made. The diving scoop is very large and lets the plugs quickly reach their 5 m diving depth. The model is floating and weighs about 20g with a total length of 110 mm.

The wobbler is available on Aliexpress.

The test

The test water was a maximum 4-5 m deep reed lake (moor lake) which was created by a dammed up brook and a reservoir up to 30 m deep. Both waters have a medium risk of hanging. However, there were no real hangs with the plugs, because the large diving scoop catches almost everything and even lets the plugs glide over wood and sunken trees. In the clear water of the reservoir I could see how the plugs jumped left and right over the bottom and overcame all obstacles. The diving shovel of course takes some light scratches, but will probably last for a while anyway. My impression of the wobbler is a real rubber fish alternative and jumps really temptingly over the bottom. You can feel in the “shallower” water how it always comes back to the bottom. Unfortunately the wobbler couldn’t convince fish at the reservoir, but a 60 cm pike was in at the Riedsee after all.

The right spinning rod should be a bit stiffer for this wobbler and should have a casting weight of at least 15-50g. With this you can cast the quite heavy plugs very far and still have good control. It will fly very far, because the loud rattle balls can move into the tail of the wobbler when casting. Running the plugs do very well and have a little more action than the thicker crankbaits from Proberos.


A well processed plugs which can be run over the ground in shallow waters around 3-4 m or simply offered in open water in deeper lakes. It runs even at slow pull and overcomes obstacles very well thanks to its long diving shovel. In spite of hanging-joyful fishing and casts into the dead wood no demolition was to be lamented. The plugs catch fish in any case.

The very excitedly running plugs are available for about 2-4 € here on Aliexpress

The plugs’ characteristics in the overview

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