Materials For A Steel Leader


Making steel leaders yourself is not only cheaper, but also better and gives you the assurance that the leader will hold when it counts. In another article I have already shown how you can make steel leaders yourself. This article is about what you need to make good steel leaders yourself. If you have triplets or the steel leader, it is not recommended to save money. After all, nobody wants to lose the meter pike in a fight because the ferrule has opened.

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The steel leader

The most important thing to make a good steel leader is of course to have the right steel wire by the metre. Really recommended is Flexonit, which is made in Germany and is a very soft 7×7 material. You can even knot the material, but crimping or twisting is still the better alternative. This quality unfortunately has its price 4 meters of good steel cost not exactly little. The carrying capacity data are correct for steel leaders, unlike for braided or monofilament lines. Flexonit is available in different diameters and carrying capacities.

For all those who like it a little bit cheaper, there are also good and a little bit cheaper material from Sänger. There are also different diameters and load capacities of steel.    The colour of the steel leader is often not so important, but if you don’t like the colour you can easily paint it with a waterproof marker. For example blackening to camouflage it better. The steel leaders presented here are already both in a more unobtrusive brown.

Load capacity of steel for spin fishing

Load capacity of steel leaders:      When fishing for pike in spin fishing, 5-6 kg load capacity of steel leaders is quite sufficient. However, if I have to expect obstacles in the water, I go for 9 kg load capacity.

Load capacity of steel leaders for fishing with bait fish

But when I’m sitting on the hook I play it safe and fish up to 9 kg. Because then you don’t have to change the steel leader so often if you had a good one. With water lily fields and other dangerous obstacles it can be 15 kg. Not because a pike could ever break but to have reserves.

The right triplets

The triplets must be sharp and rather thin-stranded but at the same time stable. All brand triplets (Mustad, VMC etc.) have good triplets in their range. There are two manufacturers that are highly recommended, the owners who produce by far the best on the market and the VMC, which belong to Rapala and also sell good but much cheaper hooks than the owners.

Triplets in sizes 6-8 have proved to be a good choice for sit fishing for pike and zander. These are quite small hooks, but they will hold any pike, provided they are quality hooks. Hooks of size 2 and larger can easily get jammed in the mouth of large pike and do not grab at the hook.

The ferrules

There are many ferrules on the market. If you like, you can also fall back on quality goods from the German manufacturer Flexonit. If you buy cheap, the differences in quality are not really big.

My recommendations for materials for a steel leader

The snap rings

Good snap rings are available from Rosco. I have been using these not really expensive but high quality snap rings for years without a single failure.    Furthermore, the snap rings are saltwater resistant, so they can be used for pilkers and sea leaders etc. I also use them for my artificial baits and have only had good experiences with them.

Pliers for ferrules

Pliers to fix the ferrules are available in many different sizes and here you can save money without hesitation. One for 10 € does it in any case. Even though the Deluxe version is available for over 50 €, it does not offer any real advantage. For about 8,5 € there is a very cheap and good pliers from Jenzi. I use a plier of the same construction and I am satisfied.

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