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One hears altogether a lot of good things about the Matze Koch products and also I recommend one or the other product developed by Matze Koch on this page.  Since my site has focused a lot on fishing reels so far, I continue the whole thing here and once ordered the cheapest Matze Koch reel. According to the manufacturer the reel should be a spinning reel.

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First impression

My first impression of the reel is a bit mixed. Except for the spool and the crank, the reel is mainly made of plastic, which somehow doesn’t make a very high quality impression on me. This may be a bit subjective, but it is only my personal impression. The spare spool is also made of plastic. By the way, such plastic bobbins have only one purpose with me and that is when I want to perfectly feed my braided one. Then I first spool my braided one onto the E-coil and then fill it with monofilament line of my choice. Now I take off the filled spool and wind the line on my aluminium spool. As usual with almost all reels I can also insert the crank on both sides and fix it with the counter screw. A good impression is again the stable looking line catch.

My first impression is also clouded by the fact that the reel is relatively easy to crank, but somehow quite loud.

Models and technology

The FD stands for front drag, i.e. front brake. Apart from that the reel has a needle bearing and S-Stroke, i.e. an S-curve system, which is nothing special now.

The reel is available in four sizes 620, 625,630 and 635. If you want to compare the size with Shimano reels, just look at the last two digits and add two zeros. 620 Corresponds approximately to a Shimano reel of size 2000

The winding pattern is not really good and braided lines often throw wigs, even the expensive Balz Iron Line Spin does not make a good picture on the reel in 0.16.  The “Anti-Twist” system doesn’t make a good impression on me either. At least it doesn’t help if I throw wigs very often.

The practical application was a few small spinning tours on pike and perch. Even if the winding pattern is not very good, I can throw quite far with the reel. The brake also starts quickly and cleanly, I have nothing to complain about here. Unfortunately I haven’t had a really good fish with the reel on it so I can’t say much about its behaviour under heavy load.


Conclusion: I would have expected more from a Matze Koch developed product. If at all, the reel is rather something for beginners but even here there are better (also worse) in the price range. The Ryobi Cynos 2 shows what you can get for the money in rolls.

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Mk Adventure Spin FD 5.5 Price Performance 6.0/10 Processing 5.0/10 Practice 5.5/10 Pros Can throw far Cons Works cheapLinesLautHad many wigs View here at Amazon >>

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