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Trout can be caught with many baits, from the millions of different fly patterns to plugs, spinners and various rubber baits. Of course natural lures also catch very well, but they are not allowed everywhere.  As trout fishing is one of my passions, I would like to introduce here the successful lures for brown trout and rainbow trout as well as the large migratory forms of sea and lake trout.

Table of Contents Conversion to single hooksThe best artificial baits for brown troutMy Top 4 artificial baits for Bafos1: Mepps Aglia2: Wobblers3: Rubber Worms4: Capping imitationsThe best sea trout and sea trout baitsLure colour and correct guidanceMy Top 5 lures for sea and sea troutFalkfish spöketGladsax SnapsCoastal Blinkers – Abu TobyArtificial sea annelidsWobblers with diving shovelRelated articles for trout fishing for fishing tests. en

Converting to single hooks

Converting hooks: I often convert my trout baits to single hooks in order to use them:

  • Gentle
  • I have less dropouts
  • less conspicuous

Besides being fair to the fish, I can put back fish with a better conscience and even have a better chance of landing the fish!

I have already written instructions how to do this on this website.

The best artificial baits for brown trout

Brown trout love spinners. I have noticed that again and again, if nothing works at all, then there is always something going on spinners and bycatch of chubs and other fish is always possible. In general brown trout are irritable hunters and almost always catchable as long as you don’t scare them away. That’s why I like to go out with little luggage and a small bait box, so I can go for a walk and look for the trout.  I always have my top baits with me and to be honest I am the least likely to experiment with trout fishing, especially with brown trout.

My top 4 artificial baits for Bafos

1: Mepps Aglia

Brown trout love spinners so no box should be without Mepps spinners from the French manufacturer. Spinners are also absolute top baits for perch. In my opinion the best decor is the black-yellow or the classic silver-red spinner blade in size 0 to 2. Spinners are so wonderfully simple – just crank them in and maybe stop them now and then. It is important that the spinner still turns with the current. This is exactly what my favourite model of the Mepps Aglia does.

2: Wobblers

Wobblers are also good trout lures, whether fished upstream or downstream. They quickly attract the attention of trout and often lead to a bite. An advantage of plugs is that you can let them drift downstream to exactly where the trout are without getting close to the shy fish. Wobblers around 2-5 cm have established themselves with me. My favorite is the Rapala Original Floater in 3 or 5 cm and in a trout decor. I can easily let the plugs drift down the stream or river from the cover and catch the river very slowly. The current takes care for the run.

3: Rubber worms

I also have rubber worms with me when I go brown trout fishing. Real worms are of course one of the best lures, but are often not allowed. Meanwhile there are good imitations, even with odorous salts. Nevertheless I prefer the bigger ones, which small trout cannot swallow immediately. Of course a very large single hook size 1 or 2 is then the order of the day. The big advantage of the rubber worms is that they can be fished at the jigging head or at the Carolina Rig, so that even deep pools can be fished effectively.

4: Copping imitations

The favourite food of many trout is Mühlkoppen (bullhead). There are many Mühlkoppen imitations on the market. Last but not least, the basic imitations intended for zander fishing, which are often somewhat cheaper, are also very catchy. Preferably in the natural colour brown or grey to black. The Behr Trendex Koppe is only available in 8 cm or larger. But every trout over 35 years of age gets 8 cm tails or will at least try it.

The best sea trout and sea trout baits

All sea trout baits also work when spinning for sea trout and vice versa. Sea trout should be caught from shore in spring.

Lure color and correct guiding

For sea trout baits, the main criteria are casting distance and fast catching speed. Of course it’s best to vary the lure a little bit and let it sink a little bit with small pull-in stops and then pull the line in again quickly. There is a range of lures specially developed for this fishery. In my opinion the best colour is a matter of pure faith. Everything can work – nothing has to: but with natural colours you are never wrong.

For sea trout living in the Baltic Sea, colours such as orange or shock colours are very popular, while sea trout are more likely to catch black/gold and silver. At least in my experience, but everyone has a different opinion anyway. At least for the best lures most sea trout anglers will agree with me.

My top 5 lures for sea trout

Falkfish spöket

This type of lure is also called coastal wobbler. They lack the diving blade but still they move from right to left almost like a plugs. The big advantage: they are real long distance lures, they fly extremely far with the right rod, reel and line. One of my favourites is the Falkfish Spöket. It is available in different lengths and weights. For sea trout I prefer light colours, while for sea trout green to orange are top.

Gladsax Snaps

Gladsax coastal spoons were developed especially for sea trout fishing. Thanks to the lead attached to the lure they fly further than any other lure here and have a nice action in the water. The trout seem to like it.

Coastal blinker – Abu Toby

I caught my first sea trout on an Abu Toby blinker in silver. This classic among sea trout lures should not be missing in any bait box. By the way, it is also used for brown trout fishing, but it is not one of my favourite lures there, because it cannot be fished downstream. The longish spoon has a very own action and it is available in different variations. There is also a thicker and for the longer heavier version. The bait is also available in a practical 3` pack at a slightly lower price.

Artificial sea annelids

Sea annelids belong to the natural food of trout and are very popular. I offer the worms either at the spirolino or rarely, if the ground conditions allow it, at the Carolina Rig without offset hooks. The bait is an insider tip, because not many people fish with it! The worms are available in different variations. I swear by the ones from Berkley as they are flavoured. The big advantage of artificial worms is that they don’t fall off the hook so quickly. A good by-catch in the form of a cod is also always possible.

Wobbler with diving scoop

Even classic plugs are catchy artificial lures the Max Rap of Rapala is very slim, can be cast well and is a top lure for sea and lake trout. With the silver version I like to stalk sea trout, while when fishing for sea trout I prefer the green version. It is available in both the 11 cm version and the 5 cm version. The 11 cm version can be cast further and better with a sea trout rod.

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What is your best artificial bait for trout stalking? Write me in the comments.

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