My Top 10 Youtube Channels Around Fishing


If the conditions here don’t allow me to go fishing or there is not enough time or I just want to get some information about fishing elsewhere, then I like to watch fishing videos on Youtube. Here are my top 10 Youtube channels, many of them are in English.

Sure: I don’t know all the fishing channels on YouTube and if you have a tip, please write me a comment.

Table of Contents Top 1: The Totally awesome fishing show (British/English)Top 2: BlacktipH (American/English)Top 3 Fish and FangTop 4 Markus LotzTop 5 Morning Tide FishingTop 5 DeermeatfordinnerTop 6 Sea Money FishingTop 7 I’m going fishingTop 8 Big Fish MediaTop 9 Thresher FishingTop 10 Unknown Channel ???

Top 1: The Totally awesome fishing show (British/English)

My favourite channel about fishing and simply top in quality and content. The channel is run by Graeme & Mike Pullen, whereby the likeable Graeme is usually in front of the camera and provides us with fishing tips from his long and successful fishing life. You can also see that Graeme was a writer in British fishing magazines, has travelled the world a lot and has really built up an incredible wealth of knowledge that he is happy to share with us. From simple roach fishing on the small river to fishing for tuna from the shore, there is simply everything.  In the same way all fishing techniques from fly fishing to trolling are covered. The channel has been around for 6 years now and I hope it will continue to exist.  Tackle and advertising for any fishing gear? No way! At most once for a small fishing shop with a nice British owner is “advertised” and that would be too much to say.

The professionalism of the TA fishing show usually outshines all the German fishing films and DVD videos of trade magazines known to me, but this is especially true for my Top 2: BlacktipH For me really just totally awesome fishing!

Top 2: BlacktipH (American/English)

The Blacktip Hunter is the most successful American fishing channel on Youtube and that means something! It’s all about the Big Game and sea fishing too, when there are a few videos of trout fishing and bait fishing is part of group fishing. The action is decent and makes you want to fish for grouper, mahi mahi and amberjack in Florida. The Chanel is hard to beat in professionalism and Josh has his own camera crew. The videos are mostly uploaded in 4k resolution.

Top 3 Fish and Catch

On the Fish and Catch chanel land almost all the slightly older videos of the well-known fishing magazine. Even the one or other clip that didn’t make it onto the DVD or was even produced exclusively for Youtube can be found here. I especially like the Matze Koch videos, especially the old ones. Unfortunately the quality is not quite up to date in terms of resolution.

Top 4 Markus Lotz

Ingenious Chanel for carp anglers with unbelievable amount of great information. For carp anglers almost a must!

Top 5 Morning Tide Fishing

Some Australian guys who are serious and fish from small islands mainly for Giant Trevally (GT). The videos are relatively Vlog moderate and show how a group can have a lot of fun fishing. It also shows the hard work behind every big fish.

Top 5 Deermeatfordinner

The Chanel is quite American and rather a Vlog Chanel. It is not only about fishing, but many videos are about hunting. Nevertheless, the channel is quite entertaining if you like the American way and lifestyle or can cope with it.

Top 6 Sea Money Fishing

One of the first Youtube fishing channels I got stuck on and watched his videos for hours. The videos are mostly quite simple and Vlog moderate, mainly about kayak fishing in New Jersey:

Top 7 I go fishing

For those who don’t know him yet Victor publishes 3-4 videos per month and makes a lot of noise and entertainment with Berlin humor. Not everyone’s cup of tea and sometimes it’s too much for me, but Victor and his colleagues, of whom there’s always one, are always authentic and nobody gives the pro. The target group is rather younger anglers. But the show is entertaining all the time!

Top 8 Big Fish Media

Toller Angelchanel with many well-known German anglers and a lot of expertise. Recommendable

Top 9 Thresher Fishing

What does the son of the Corona beer brewery do in his spare time? He goes fishing and puts a lot of effort into his videos. The result is an entertaining channel about fishing at Corpus Christi in Texas.

Top 10 Unknown channel ???

Maybe you have a hint, which channel still belongs to the list here – maybe it will go higher 🙂

I also have my own YouTube channel, just bought a decent camera and will do a lot more in the future. But it is not even enough for my Top 10 :). So far I only have some videos from the Philippines and two videos I made recently. I still have material for one or two videos from the Philippines (from the sea) and also for two or three videos from Croatia. But let’s see, the editing is quite a lot of work and I have growing respect for all the Youtube Chanels that put thousands of hours of work into their videos.

Do you still have a secret tip? Then always give it to me. I am happy about comments with your favorite Youtube Chanel.

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