My Plugs Top 5 For Our Predatory Fish


Wobblers belong to the top lures for spin fishing – here I would like to introduce you to my favourite pike, zander, perch and trout (also sea and lake trout) wobblers. These are wobblers that are simply always in my tackle box for the target fish species and have their permanent place there.

I have summarized here some tips for pike fishing and all around the plugs >>

Table of Contents Remarks on plugs decorations and the right colorThe best 5 pike plugsThe best 5 pike-perch plugsThe best 5 pike-perch plugsThe best 5 perch wobblerThe best 5 trout wobblerThe best 5 lake trout and sea trout wobbler

Note on wobbler decorations and the right color

Well, not everybody fishes on the same waters, on which I fish and therefore other colour decors might be the better choice for you. But most of the plugs are also available in other decors than those written here. For e.g. murky water or waters with low visibility, shock colours, like a Firetiger design are always worth a try. Also UV active lures can be an advantage here.

The best 5 pike plugs

These are the pike plugs for the desert island. I especially prefer pike decorations, because they can also lure lush predators on the hook and pike see in them a competitor that they want to drive away. Otherwise perch decorations are often very

popular with Master Esox and are always in my box, since in some waters perch is forbidden as bait fish

, this is the only way to serve perch to pike. A somewhat slimmer whitefish design should not be missing despite all this. In this case the Savage Gear 4play. All pike plugs can be controlled differently, so you can fish with them in different conditions and depths. In spring I like to use shallow lures up to a maximum depth of 1.5m (0.5m), I don’t fish deeper than that.

In summer you can also use the perch or trout wobblers to fish for pike hiding places, because when the fry is there, the pike often specialize in small fish. I always use steel for spin-fishing for pike. In my opinion a 20-30cm long leader is not too much trouble. Once you have drilled a pike on a monofilament leader you know that this is a thrill that no one needs. To risk your 20€ plugs and to harm the fish is not necessary.

The best 5 pike-perch plugs

Pike-perch can often be caught in the evening hours with plugs, but then close to the surface and with flat plugs, often

close to the shore. With a deep diving plugs, which always bob on the bottom of the water, but also during the day you can be successful. For this I use the Husky Jerk deep down. I like to choose light or striking colours up to black decorations that stand out against the (night) sky. The Rapala X-Rap Ghost has the ability to glow in the dark, which makes it my favourite pike-perch plugs, because the sensitive cat eyes of the predators are very sensitive to light and see the lure very well. But you should not shine too much light on it, the eyes of zander are very sensitive.

I only have slim models of shapes, because they have proven themselves in my work. But if you like you can also use a “Vib” lure that responds to the side line with strong vibrations. In general a very slight tilting action on zander is top

The best 5 perch plugs

Perch fall on plugs all day long and usually bite until dusk. When it comes to the decorations I orientate myself on the white fish that are found. With many arbours I prefer to use a slim plugs and with many small perch and roach I try high back models.

Perch usually like to be active so twitchbaits are very popular with me. Of course the perch are not always at the same level in the water column, but sometimes lower and sometimes higher. Therefore I have deep diving plugs like the Salmo Hornet as well as flat running plugs like the MK Monster Perch and the two Illex models. When I catch smaller perch on shallow running plugs, I like to try it one floor lower, because the larger perch are often a bit off and deeper from the shoal.

The best 5 trout plugs

To chase the brown trout and rainbow trout along a small stream or river is always something special. The plugs must be thrown upstream and then caught up and still run well. For deeper outer curves and pools I like to use sinking plugs, because they will reach depth even in strong currents. Otherwise floating plugs have the advantage that you can simply let them drift downstream and so you can fish even in the deepest thicket where no angler can cast. Trout wobblers should be quite small – maximum 6 cm, as the fish specialize in rather small prey. I use almost only natural decorations, as the streams here are usually very clear.

The best 5 lake trout and sea trout wobblers

Lake trout and sea trout have relatively similar prey schemes and behaviors, because both are Salmo Trutta and both like slim fish. If you want to fish sea or lake trout from the shore, you have set yourself a special task, because it is not for nothing that both are called “fish of the 1000 casts”. In spring, sea trout can also be found in the pre-Alpine lakes in shallow water and you have chances with shallow plugs. The special sea trout baits Abu Toby and Spöket are also suitable for sea trout. The Abu Toby is a spook but it is one of the top lures for big trout.

My favourite trout baits in the whole year I have here >> presented below are some other baits.

All lures in this table are designed for long casts. My rod for big trout fishing is a Berkley Skeletor XCD 1002ML 8/32 Spin. Thanks to the medium light action and 3m length you can cast lighter lures far and you don’t have to be afraid of ripping out the raging trout, even if you fish with braided line. I also present the Skeletor in my trout rod guide >>

Backbone the rod has enough backbone. I have already used it for conger up to 1 m. A Shimano Stradic (for testing >>) with a high line pull of 88 cm per crank revolution is suitable, because if you want to catch the fish of the 1000 casts, you have to crank a lot and trout like it fast anyway! Trout wobblers and spoons should still be used in a varied way, so add spinst stops or phases of short acceleration.

My extra tip for sea trout are harbours, even smaller ones, because as soon as a ship has cast off, the trout often look for injured prey fish. Attention: even if it can be frustrating at times, fishing for these fish is addictive, whoever has a trout over 60 cm on the fine rod knows what I’m talking about. Especially sea trout that have eaten their belly full of whitefish can be quite heavy and are not afraid of bigger plugs. Trout rob on sight and have very good eyes. A fluorocarbon leader of at least 1 m length must be used in front of the lure.

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