Top Monofilament Line: Stroft GTM


Today I would like to write about a very good main line: The Stroft GTM. My main use is for spinning in clear waters, such as the lakes of the Pre-Alps, and for trout fishing in any water. For spin fishing there is often no way around braided lines and of course I use mostly braided lines for spin fishing. But there are many reasons to go back to the good old mono especially for the areas of use I mentioned.

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The advantages

  • First of all there is the visibility: Trout in big lakes are very suspicious and because good fluorocarbon lines still cost much more than the GTM and I basically want to have quality lines for spin fishing. But also other fish in clear waters can be very shy
  • The stretch of the strokes is relatively low for a mono and a good bait contact is guaranteed. Nevertheless there is an elongation and this is exactly a characteristic which I appreciate in drills with salmonids or sometimes pike. So you lose less fish at short distances or during wild jumps

An honest line

I also like the fact that the German company Waku, which is behind the line and produces it in Germany, does not cheat as badly as other companies. This was also noticed again and again in tests of the trade magazines and not without reason the lines regularly became test winners. Also the diameters of the lines are quite consistent, but the comparability with other brands suffers a little.

Unfortunately not cheap

As the line is made in Germany and the quality is quite different from the other brands, the line is not cheap. Clearly the line is only used on my spinning reels for the mentioned purposes. Otherwise I use a normal cheap mono line for normal bottom fishing on shorter distances. They mostly come from the same factories anyway and are all about the same.


Therefore my conclusion: The Stroft is a top line at an upscale price, but it is definitely worth it for the mentioned applications. Other lines last 1-2 seasons at most for my frequent fishing. I sometimes have the Stroft longer on it. Furthermore I would like to point out that I am not connected to the mentioned company and have not received any free samples or other discounts.

  • The line is available in well-assorted stores or as linked above at Amzon

Which monofilament line do you prefer? Just write me in the comments if you have an insider tip.

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