Fishing On The Neckar: 1m Catfish Are No Rarity In The Neckar


Fishing on the Neckar River is the fishing spot par excellence for many anglers. At over 300 km in length, the Neckar is one of the longest tributaries of the Rhine. The Neckar not only serves as a traffic route but is also a diverse habitat for the entire fish fauna.

The Neckar includes many different species of fish. Therefore, fishing on the Neckar has become more and more popular in recent years.

In this article we will show you what can be fished, what you have to watch out for and where the population is currently the highest.

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Fishing on the Neckar: What fish are there here?

Fishing on the Neckar makes many anglers’ hearts beat faster. There is a countless and rich fish fauna here. Above all barbels, chubs, gudgeons, hazel, noses, roaches, loaches, tailors and ukuleles are very common in the Neckar.

In addition, however, carp, catfish, asp, trout, bream and pike are regularly caught. It is therefore worth going fishing on the Neckar. Fishing on the Neckar has, for example, become more popular in recent years due to the high population of large catfish. Many anglers report catfish with a total length of over 1 metre.

The largest catfish from the Neckar measured so far was over 2 metres long and weighed about 70 kg. Such specimens can be found mainly at outer curves of the river in the deeper areas. However, the catfish are increasingly displacing the native trout, which means that catfish should not be thrown back into the water according to the fishing clubs. This should gradually regenerate the trout stock.

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Reducing stocks

Fishing on the Neckar has also considerably reduced the fish population in some sections in recent years. As a result, stocking measures have become indispensable. These should slowly regenerate the stocks in order to stimulate the natural growth of the population again.

Carps in particular have been regularly reintroduced into the Neckar River in recent years. In principle, however, almost all fish stocks on the Neckar have been re-introduced in order to slowly rebuild and promote the natural occurrence.

Fishing on the Neckar: Old arms still have a high stock

Even though the stock is slowly declining there are still places where you can be very successful fishing on the Neckar. Especially on the oxbow lakes a lot of fish can still be caught.

These areas of the oxbow lakes are generally considered to be an insider tip and should therefore not be underestimated. On the banks at Ludwigsburg-Hohenecke or Zugwiesen near Ludwigsburg-Poppenweiler, numerous other species can be found.

Furthermore, the fish population in Altbach and Esslingen has grown again. Fishing on the Neckar is therefore particularly recommended in these areas.

Finally a nice video about fishing on the Neckar:

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