Fishing In Denmark: holiday Homes + What To Look Out For


Yes, I go fishing in Denmark very often. But who am I anyway and how did I come to the fishing country Denmark? Well, my name is Ivo, but among my fishing friends Kutte has become naturalized. Already as a little boy I was drawn to the water for fishing.

I made my first casts when I was 5 years old – I caught small roaches and rudd. Since then I have been fascinated by fishing. I learned a lot from my old man. Soon I went out alone with friends and spent more time with the rod in my hand on the water than with the pen at school.

After the opening of the border, because I was allowed to experience my childhood as a zone child, it didn’t take long until my first holiday in Norway was due. The route by car was of course through Denmark. I was enthusiastic about this country from the first moment on.

Beautiful wide highways, great nature and nice people. A good friend of mine was on holiday in Denmark at the same time and told me about his catches and the many possibilities of fishing.

At the age of 14 my parents allowed me to go on holiday alone – of course together with some friends who were enthusiastic about fishing – in Denmark. Fourteen days of fishing were on the agenda. This fishing holiday was decisive for my passion for fishing in Denmark.

By now I know so many waters in DK that I travel to Denmark several times a year with a small group from the fishing club. Again and again different regions and fishing, for what this country is also known.

Tips for fishing in Denmark

Before you go fishing in Denmark, you should think about what kind of fish you want to catch. As the variety of fish and waters is quite extensive, have a look at the region you want to travel to. If you want to go after sea bass, the North Sea coast is for you. Herring and garfish feel very comfortable at the lock in Hvide Sande, which is why it is a real hotspot for these fish.

When surf fishing you can fish both coasts. The Baltic Sea and the North Sea are ideal for this. Inland in Denmark there are also very good waters for catching zander and sea trout. Carp anglers should consider beforehand whether the carp should actually be the target fish in Denmark.

Some waters do exist, but carp fishing has not really caught on in Denmark. I have to say: luckily, even though I sometimes like to go for the Spiegler and Schuppis on German waters.

If you don’t want to wait long for a fish, you should take a look at the Put & Take lakes. For beginners it’s certainly the best way to land the first fish – although Hvide Sande is also suitable for that. The Put & Take waters have a big advantage: there you pay a daily fee and you don’t need a fishing license. It’s best to bring Danish kroner with you, as you have to pay cash on the spot. In Euro it is usually a bit more expensive. You can find much more information about fishing spots in Denmark at angelurlaubdä – just have a look.

Before I forget: In Denmark you need a fishing licence outside Put & Take waters. I think the prices are very humane for anglers. You can find more information and the online application form at

You can also get a fishing licence in almost every fishing shop in Denmark. There are some of them and some of them are open 7 days a week. Many of them are well equipped and you can buy all the bait you need. It’s stupid if you take worms from Germany, which are not liked by the fish up there. Also ask on site which lures they recommend for certain fish species and which spots they can recommend. The owners and staff can give you very good tips.

But you have to sleep somewhere! There are holiday homes in Denmark, campsites and log cabins right by the water. You can of course set off spontaneously and you will certainly find something.

I’m a bit more forward planning, because I take a few things into account. For one thing, the way to the beach can be very long and inaccessible, which is no fun at all. Have a look at Google to see what the conditions are like.

On the other hand, there are many private holiday homes, but most of them do not have the possibility to cool the caught fish. So look for a house with a freezer. I am sure you will find the right one. In Hvide Sande I can highly recommend Esmarch for example (

Finally I would like to wish you a lot of fun and good luck for all the fishing in Denmark

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