Okuma Longbow XT The Freewheel Reel Reviewed


One of the most frequently recommended free-wheel rollers is the Okuma Longbow. At least when it comes to the cheaper price segment. I have been to the sea with this reel and have been able to outwit a.o. Conger with it.

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First impression

Very good the reel turns pleasantly easy and weighs very little in the hand for a freewheel reel. Nice is also the spare spool included in the delivery, even if it is only made of plastic. The original spool is made of aluminium and the crank is made of metal.

The reel makes a thoroughly robust impression and should be able to handle even large carp in the size 655 I chose.

I wound the reel with Shimano Technium Mono and casting and winding characteristics were good. But the reel also winds braided line very well, which is important for long distance carp fishing. The freewheel stops at two crank positions and is otherwise silky smooth. The easy to fold crank is also very practical. I was afraid that the reel might have a weak point at this point, but the folding mechanism is extremely stable.

Roll sizes in the overview


  • Freewheel system
  • 5 + 1BB Ball bearings
  • Multi-Stop-Anti-Reverse-System
  • Corrosion resistant graphite body
  • Elliptical gear system
  • Anodized aluminum coil
  • Durable aluminum yoke
  • RESII: Rotor balancing system
  • Electric spool
  • Line control system on spool for better casting

The Mediterranean test

In the test I had the reel on the belly boat in the sea as well as for bottom fishing with squid and sardine shreds for everything that bites. So she even got some salt on it, which didn’t bother her at all. Of course I rinsed the reel with fresh water after use. Unfortunately Doraden and co. were averse to it but a conger of 90 cm didn’t even cause the slightest problem. Smaller fish were no problem anyway. I had the reel on different rods. But on the surf rod it could have been one size bigger.

As I have fished a lot on piers, I have also had a few times hanging free swims with the freewheel switched on (attention nevertheless not completely harmless). I noticed how silky smooth the freewheel is when I pulled the line myself. One notices really little resistance. Of course the freewheel can be adjusted a bit harder when fishing in the current. Also positive, even if a bit subjective. I find the sound of the spool ratchet very pleasant.


A really recommendable freewheel reel that offers a lot of reel for the money and that you can enjoy for a long time. I am highly satisfied and the reel is a real test winner for me and is very high up in the price-performance category. You can get better only for a considerable extra charge. Although I have nothing to complain about the reel. Only the wooden knob does not look like new after the salt water use.

If you are looking for a good free spool reel for bottom or carp fishing, this reel is a good choice.

Okuma Longbow XT 9.3 Price / Performance 9.5/10 Equipment 9.0/10 Practice 9.5/10 Pros Silky smooth freewheelStable and solid spare spool included Cons Wooden knob not very high quality View here at Amazon

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