Penn Slammer Spin Stik SW Travel Rod Field Report


Penn stands for heavy and strong quality rods and reels. For the holidays Penn has the Slammer Stik SW travel rod in the program, which I have fished extensively. The rod version is in both cases 4-piece and comes in a practical cloth case. The rod is available in two lengths and casting weights: once 2,7 m and 20-50g weight and 3 m with 20-80g casting weight. This makes the rod universal as long as it is not used by big predators. I had the 3 m version with 20-80g in test on vacation and at home on the Rhine.  The Penn Slammer Stik is also available as an almost identical two-piece rod with the same characteristics. You can find all Slammer Stik SW rods under this link at Amazon.

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First impression

When you hold the rod in your hand for the first time, you will notice the beautiful black and red design and the slightly higher weight. This seems to be a consequence of the high stability. Penn products are usually a little heavier, but they also have a good reputation for being almost indestructible. The wobble test shows that the rod has a strong tip action. The white painted tip is very sensitive and flexible. After that the rod becomes board hard. When under high load during the fight, the rod still works as a whole and bends almost to the hand part. We like this action very much, because the fine tip is a fine bite indicator, even when fishing with natural bait. With this rod it is unlikely that the hook will be cut out and the fish will be lost. The reserves in the drill are nevertheless large with the hard backbone.

The reel seat and the workmanship look good. There are no paint flaws and the LTS rod rings also make a good impression. The rings are consistently stable triple rings that can withstand higher loads. This allows for slightly larger saltwater predator drills.  The handle is a little shorter than you are used to with 3 m rods, but you can still cast comfortably with the rod, as it turns out later. The LTS SIC rings are resistant to salt and braided lines and the blank was pressed with 24 tons.

Practical test

I took the rod with me on holiday and used it for various fishing techniques from spin fishing to sit fishing. The large rod rings and the blank allow for long distance casting. 15g lures cast just as well as 50g or 80g so the lure spectrum is very large. Ideal for holidays when you don’t know what conditions you will encounter. With this rod you can fish congers up to 1,2 m as well as fighting mullets up to 60 cm. With the soft tip no fish is cut out and the spine was always there as hoped.

On the Rhine we had rubber fish fishing with 30g heads and 15 cm rubber.    So rather heavy rubber fishing, with which the rod was by no means overtaxed. The rod signaled very well when the lure would hit the bottom.  The feeling is of course not like with a one or two piece rod, but still good. If you like, you can put your thumb on the blank like with a skeletor rod, which gives more feeling.

Features of the rod

Table with overview of the rods


A good rod for quite little money. Penn proves that strong and solid travel rods do not have to cost a lot of money. The rod is universally applicable thanks to its realistically indicated, very broad casting weight and is certainly not a bad buy. If you don’t want to do without fishing on holiday or even plan a real fishing holiday, I can only recommend this rod. The rod is also well suited for raised hide fishing and casts the 80g easily. With the slightly increased weight you buy an increased stability. If you plan to cast all day long, the Shimano Beastmaster might be the right rod for you. Even at home the rod is still suitable as a heavy pike spinning rod or as a catfish spinning rod (as long as you are not fishing in the current of the Elbe, Rhine or Danube).  The Penn Slammer Stik is also available as an almost identical two-piece rod. With the same characteristics. You can find all Slammer Stik SW rods under this link at Amazon.

The successor of the Slammer Stik is the Penn Squadron SW.

Penn Slammer Stik SW Around 70€ 8.7 Price Performance 9.0/10 Processing 8.5/10 Practice 8.7/10 Pros Sensitive TipHard PromotionPrice4 partsGood reel seat Cons Somewhat heavyFeeling missing something On Ebay

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