Perch Fishing In Summer


Perch fishing in summer

Summer is a difficult season for anglers with a preference for predatory fish. Most predators become very sluggish, especially during the day, and hardly move at all. The Great Hunger is forgotten. This is often assumed for perch. But this is a mistake, because summer is one of the best seasons to fish specifically for the striped predators. You only need to know how the perch behaves and where to find them in summer.

Behaviour of the perch in summer

While in the cold season the perch also like to stay in the deep parts of the waters, in summer the shoals of perch can basically appear everywhere. It can be difficult to determine the current location of the fish. However, a different behaviour pattern of the perch helps here: they live in shoals and, especially in summer, they like to get into food envy when hunting. This means that they hunt quickly and actively. This means that the prey fish must also be on their toes if they want to escape. As a result, shoals of perch can often be spotted by the movements of fish on the water surface.

Which lures are best suited for perch fishing in summer?

In summer, perch prefer to hunt on the surface at dusk. Therefore, especially flat-running plugs are an excellent choice. Basically in summer it is important to use lures with as much action as possible. This is because the perch are encouraged in their greed and foraging envy by these violent movements and bite faster than they can look. The lure should also be moved as quickly as possible – in contrast to other seasons where perch are best outwitted by sensitive plucking. But even medium-small rubber fish can make for good success in the hot season. During the day, however, perch usually hide in deep waters. In order to outwit them nevertheless, smaller blinkers or spinners can be a surprising but nevertheless good choice. Of course, rubber fish with the appropriate weights will also bring good results here.

Which colours work well in summer?

The colours of the lures should also be adapted to the water in summer. If the water is very clear, the baits should be kept relatively close to nature. For perch, darker varieties have proved to be particularly suitable. If the water is cloudy, the colours may be stronger and more unrealistic. Bright colours and neon colours can be the deciding factor for a bite.

Biting times of perch in summer

The easiest time to catch perch in summer is during twilight. Because here they hunt on the surface, which makes it easier to find the fish. But the perch are not idle during the day either. It is only necessary to look for the fish in the depths of the waters.

Summer locations: Where are the perch?

In summer the perch migrate all the zones of the waters. At dusk they tend to hunt at the surface. During the day they are usually found along the bottom in the deepest zones. Occasionally, however, they also roam in mid-water, looking for prey. In summer it is almost impossible to see where exactly you will meet the perch. It is often necessary to search and fish in the water. But once you have the first bite, you know that you have found a shoal and can fish the area in a targeted manner.

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