Perfect Spooling Of Fishing Reels With Padding


Normally 100-150 m fishing line on the spinning reel is absolutely sufficient, but the line socket of most reels holds more than that.    Since braided line is more expensive, it is often worthwhile to feed it with cheap monofilament line.

If you now have a spare spool for your reel at hand, you can easily make it perfect.    Alternatively you can use a second reel with the same line socket as the one you want to spool. With these illustrated instructions I would like to show you how to do this quickly and easily.

Table of Contents Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5

Step 1

Everything we need:      The reel to be spoolled with spare spool, braided line, monofilament line for lining and a rod for attaching the fishing reel.

Step 2

First the braided line is wound onto the spare spool.    It is important that the line is wound up tightly.

Step 3

The 125 m spool was of course not enough to fill the spool completely, so the braided line is now connected to the monofilament line with FG knots.

The FG knot holds when it matters and is always my first choice to connect braided line with monofilament line or fluorocarbon

Step 4

Afterwards the spare spool is filled up with the monofilament to about 2 mm below the edge of the spool. The Daiwa Ninja A in the picture here even has an extra mark on the spool.

Step 5

Now take the filled spare spool from the reel and mount the normal spool.    Then the monofilament cord of the replacement spool is attached to the normal spool with a spool knot and the replacement spool is unwound completely. Now you have a perfectly filled fishing reel right up to the edge and save money at the same time.

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