Pike Fishing In Summer


Pike fishing in summer

If you like to go pike fishing in summer, you will be faced with a few minor challenges, as in every season. The best thing would be to just grab your fishing gear and get going. But the pike, like all animals, lives in harmony with nature and naturally adapts to it. First of all, you should study the pike with all its characteristics to be able to go fishing at the right time. The choice of bait is of course also a big issue. Everything you need to know about summer pike fishing can be found in this article.

How does the pike behave in the hot season?

In summer you can usually expect high temperatures. Unfortunately the pike is not considered the sun worshipper among the animals. In hot weather it prefers to hide and only goes in search of food when it is really urgent. Of course he does not want to exert himself excessively. The prey should be catchable without much effort.

The choice of bait in summer

In summer the angler prefers rubber fish. However, one should not forget the general conditions. It always depends in which waters you fish. For example, if the water has a high plant growth, you can use plugs or rubber bait. Of course you can also “tune” your lure to increase the chances of success. The lure can be upgraded with eye-catching paintwork in turbid waters, for example. Also adhesive strips increase the chances.

Where does the pike stay?

As mentioned above, the pike is not a sun lover. It mainly seeks places where it hopes to catch easy prey. The best chances of success are therefore close to the shore or in places where a lot of reeds grow. If you find out a bit about your surroundings you can choose your fishing spots quite well. You can also keep an eye out for birds and see where they are likely to be found. Of course this only refers to birds that also catch fish. Observing nature is part of everyday fishing and makes the hobby even more interesting.

Which colours are best used?

As already described, the colour of the bait and of course the water is also important when fishing. When fishing in rather murky waters, it makes sense to use bright colours. If the water is clear, use natural colours like green, grey or silver.

What are the biting times in summer?

Everyone knows the saying “The early bird catches the worm”. This can be perfectly applied to pike fishing. You set your alarm clock early so that you are ready to fish at five o’clock in the morning. But even in the evening you still have a good chance of catching pike in summer. This is because the pike go hunting for breeding and small fish. Even on dark summer nights you are more likely to use dark artificial baits in clear waters. As soon as a small fish swims past the surface, the pike will notice it with its organs and will go on to attack. For this reason, you should also take enough time to fish in the evening – it can really be worth it.

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