Proberos Crankbait


The Proberos Wobbler looks very valuable at first sight and comes in 6 different decors in a nice package. In fact the body of the wobbler is only 6 cm long, the indicated 7.5 cm are measured with a dipping shovel and tail loop. The length should make it a real perch killer. A striking feature is the square diving scoop, which offers very special advantages.

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Test and characteristics

The wobbler makes one thing above all, namely a lot of noise with its loud rattles and strongly vibrating swimming movement. This awakens especially biting robbers and makes them seemingly aggressive.

The wobbler has a square diving blade (squarebill), the advantage is that the wobbler can get over obstacles very well without getting stuck. In addition, the square diving scoop provides the above mentioned run. The weight is about 13 grams, so you get very good casting distances with corresponding light to medium spinning rods. The decorations are very beautiful and realistic and are therefore perfectly suited for serene water. I especially like the brown trout and the roach whitefish pattern. But one of the plugs also has a striking orange-yellow design, which is suitable for the evening hours or for turbid water or if you want to shock lazy predators. The diving depth is a good 1.5m in shallower waters, but I still used the wobbler to let it bounce over the bottom. The wobbler floats, which makes it easier to glide over obstacles. The rattles are extremely loud, even louder than most rattlin baits. The hooks are nice and sharp and the workmanship gives us no reason to deduct points. For about 12€ you can get 6 pieces.

The plugs are mainly used for spinning for perch and pike but also chubs love the plugs. With its 6 cm and strong rattles it is a real allrounder on the middle spinning rod. In my test, the Lake Constance perch, which are normally rather averse to plugs, bite quite well.

Quality and Conclusion

The quality of the plugs is quite good, but he did not forgive me and after I gave some more away there is only one left in my box. But it is reordered, because it convinced me quite a bit. For the price you can’t complain and comparable plugs are quite difficult to get here, especially in such realistic decors.

The wobbler characteristics in the overview

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