Rapala Replica Can It Keep Up With The Original?


10 plugs with different decorations in the 11 centimetre size suitable for most larger predators for under 10€. That’s when I took the chance to test the wobblers extensively. I had the wobbler with me all over the world and it also catches, because it is extremely similar to an expensive and damn good wobbler.


My first impression: the wobbler just looks good with its scale patterns and gill details on the hard plastic mold, even a side line is printed in 3D on the “wobbler skin”. The workmanship is still different and worse than the original wobbler. So a much less stable plastic was definitely used here. The wobblers can’t and shouldn’t throw on stones, but the original does.

The run of the wobbler is very good and it can be twitched nicely. The plugs are floating by nature, but are attached to a snap or swivel, so they become a suspended plugs. The effect can of course also be achieved by changing the hooks with slightly heavier models. Also the throwing behaviour is good due to the movable steel balls.

On Aliexpress you can find the wobbler here >>.

Conclusion – quality weaknesses but catchable

Unfortunately the quality of the plugs is not very good most of the time. Although the triplets are extremely sharp at first, they rust quite quickly, just like the snap rings. In addition, two of 15 plugs were leaking. If you consider the price and that the plugs are still running very well, it is still worth buying them. Hooks and snap rings should be exchanged here.

So clearly: the quality of the plugs is not as good as the original. My hint: replace the plugs and triplets with a little epoxy resin at the eyelets of the wobbler.

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