Simple Fishing With Cheese


Cheese is a top bait especially in the river and not only barbs love it. In this article I would like to tell you how I got cheese and how I fish this top bait. I have been fishing for over 20 years now, but I only recently got the idea of using cheese as bait. Probably because of this I had never caught a barbel before. There is a connection, because as soon as I fished with cheese for the first time, it didn’t take long and the first beautiful barbel was hanging on my hook. Admittedly I had read for a long time that the bait on the barbels should fly just like that and now I can confirm this from my own experience. After my first success I was hooked and I was fishing on the river with cheese only and no matter if I offered it floating in the pose or in the classic way on the ground with or without feed basket, there were always some buyers. Not only barbels were there, but also the chubs who were not so suspicious anymore thanks to the cheese. Completely surprisingly even some trout bit on the bait. But my explanation is quite simple, because a cube of cheese turns in the current like a propeller, so you should adjust the leader length a little bit and should fish the fish near the bottom rather short. 40-50 cm leaders are long enough. If you want to go for trout you can also fish one meter or longer.

Last but not least at the king fishing of my club I could achieve very good results with cheese, even if it was not long for any cup, because it was not about the amount of big fish, but about the biggest. Because there I got 5-6 barbs over 60cm, three rainbow trout and a chub on the hook within 5 hours, all on cheese.

Table of Contents Why cheese catches easilyThe right cheese to fishCheese in foodAssembly for fishing with cheese

Why cheese catches easily

It just makes you skeptical that a bait like cheese can really catch fish that have never seen cheese before in their lives. But why fish like cheese is easy to answer. Cheese consists almost exclusively of protein and fat, but it has been proven that fish can smell and taste cheese and most likely perceive fat. The natural food of most fish is also very high in protein and fat, and even carp, which have never taken a boilie or pellet before, get a taste for these two main ingredients.

Last but not least cheese is used relatively little as bait, so it makes the fish less suspicious.

The right cheese for fishing

If you look around the cheese shelf in the supermarket, there are many different types of cheese but not all of them are suitable as bait. The cheese must not be too soft and must hold well on the hook, but still be soft enough to release odorous substances and be eaten by the fish. Parmesan cheese is good in the food but not suitable as hook bait, because somehow the barbs bite very badly. Cheese, such as young Gouda or especially Emmentaler, have proven to be particularly successful but also inexpensive. The rubbery Emmentaler holds very well on the hook, but is soft enough for the hook to grip the fish mouth when it hits the hook. The nutty taste and high protein content does the rest.

The correct size of the cheese cubes depends on the target fish. In general, you make little mistakes with cubes of 0.5×0.5 cm to 1×1 cm. As you can see on the right side of the picture, they don’t have to be perfect cubes either. The ready cut snack cubes, which are available in the supermarket, are also suitable, but they are often a bit more expensive.

Cheese in food

Grated Parmesan and other hard cheeses have a strong smell and are therefore excellent for making our basic food suitable for barbary. Here it can also be a cheaper one and the proportion in the feed may vary between 1 and 10 %.

Mounting for fishing with cheese

It doesn’t really matter how you offer the cheese. Just float in the pose or on the ground with lead or feed basket. Cheese can simply always catch as long as it is offered at the right depth. In the strong current a cube of cheese flutters along and therefore the leader for groundfish should not be too long 40-50 cm are ideal. Also at the pose it must be clear how deep the bait is offered. For chubs it may be already flatter, because they like to attack their prey from bottom to top.

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