Realistic Swimbait From China My Impression


Divided plugs always have a very nice snaking action and are ideal for towing, because they are usually not so easy to cast. This one stands out with a very realistic roach pattern and should therefore catch mainly pike in almost all waters, because roach is the typical pike prey almost everywhere.

Test Report

This multiple split plugs runs extremely well and snakes seductively through the water with the slightest pull. During my very first test in the bathtub I was disappointed at first, because the joints of the plugs always jammed and it lost its action, but as I noticed, this was only a consequence of the 180° directional changes I had to make there. This never happened to me on the water and the best way to get the wobbler running is to simply crank it in with small variations in the catching speed. On hang free water sections you can even let the plugs sink to the bottom, because like a rubber fish with a lead head, the plugs will bounce to the bottom with the head first and the tail looking into the air, which can be an additional attraction. Because of the very realistic decorations the wobbler is ideal for overfished or very clear waters and is perfect for prealps and alpine lakes especially the perch (called Kretzer in the region) design should be top there. As soon as the pike is free in 15 days, I will try it more often with the bait also from the belly boat. The casting characteristics are unfortunately not quite optimal so the point deduction with a Baitcaster is much better. There is nothing to complain about the workmanship and hook equipment.

Update: The swimbait comes very quickly close to the surface and in summer I was able to lure some pike out of the reserve. All in all a great plugs when high casting distances are not important, but especially in waters where the weed comes almost below the surface the Swimbait is top.

Test chart

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