Replace Snap Rings Convert To Single Hooks: This Is How It Works


If you fish a lot with artificial bait you should change the snap rings or fishing hooks on them from time to time.    There can be many reasons for this, because on the one hand fishing hooks and snap rings rust after a while, on the other hand you might want to install a sharper hook or convert to single hooks. In this article I show how to do this, using the example of a spinner. Many anglers throw away their spinners as soon as the hooks rust. This does not have to be the case. The triple hook can be replaced very quickly. Of course the same procedure works with plugs, spoons and other artificial lures.

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How to change snap rings and hooks

The first step

Step 1

The old hook must be removed first.    In the case of this spinner a plier with silk cutter function helps.    With it the triplet is simply clipped on the eye. With plugs and other artificial lures that are equipped with a snap ring, the old triplet can be easily removed with the old snap ring.

Now the spinner has no more hook of course the new hook can be chosen as you like and for example a single or a gentle hook can be mounted.

Step 2

The next step is to thread the hook onto the snap ring as shown in the photo below. Open the snap ring with the snap ring pliers and push it onto the snap ring. Afterwards it is practically not to push the triplet through immediately, but to push the snap ring on the eye of the spinner (see photo below). In this way you save some work by opening the snap ring again.


Now the spinner has a snap ring to make it easier to replace the hook in the future. Often it is good to use hooks of a similar weight or size so as not to change the course of the lure. This is not so important with spinners, but small plugs react very sensitively to changes in weight and may not run properly.

Chris Tip:When fishing for trout, two snap rings in a row is a trick to reduce the drop-out rate during the fight (except for plugs), as the hook’s mobility increases and it becomes more difficult to lever out the fish.

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