Rods Repair Easy Repair Of Broken Tip Ring Or Rod Tip


It is always annoying when something happens to a beloved rod. But especially a broken rod tip just behind the tip or a defective tip ring with broken ring inlay can be repaired or replaced very quickly and easily. I will show you how to do this in the manual.

Granted: this article is made for a special occasion, because I have taken a completely new rod apart.

If you have a damaged tip ring with a broken inlay, usually only a new tip ring helps, because finding a suitable new inlay is really difficult. The whole thing is also not really expensive and you can buy e.g. simply on Amazon >> cheap lace rings in all sizes. For a spinning rod or all rods that are fished with braided line it should already be a SIC inlay.

Table of Contents Material for Repair Instructions how to repair a tip ringStep 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5 (optional)

Material for repair

I will present the more complicated case here. I use the original tip ring for a rod broken off just before the tip. The procedure for a new tip ring is very similar. You need the following material:

  • A lace ring
  • Pliers
  • A cloth
  • A lighter
  • Hot glue
  • Something fine and coarse sandpaper

The new rod ring is glued with hot glue. Epoxy resin or superglue are also possible, but if there should ever be any problems you will not be able to remove them easily.

Instructions for repairing a tip ring

Step 1

In my case a part of the blank has to be removed from the tip ring. This is easy to do with pliers and a lighter. Take the

blank in the pliers and heat the ring carefully for 3-5 (sometimes 10) seconds with a simple lighter. Some distance from the fire and the ring should be kept. Afterwards you can simply pull the blank out of the ring. Then I take the cloth, for example an old towel, to hold the tip ring.

Step 2

This step is recommended but not a must if you use a new lace ring. In my case the blank has to be made a little thinner with the sandpaper, which I do with the sandpaper. It is important to remove material as evenly as possible and to be careful not to damage the blank further down.

Step 3

Hot glue is heated with the lighter and then lubricated around the blank at the point to be glued. Of course only use a small amount of glue!

Step 4

The lace ring is simply attached and aligned with the other rings! If this does not succeed immediately, the ring can simply be reheated with the lighter and locked again. Done!

Step 5 (optional)

You can use some rod varnish and twine to make the whole thing more beautiful and even add a decorative winding. Personally I’m too lazy for that for the time being and just want to fish.

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