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Trout are probably the most popular fishing fish in Germany and not for nothing. Hardly any other fishing is more exciting and relaxing than stalking a trout spot in the middle of nature. The following catch of a beautifully drawn stream or rainbow trout will hopefully crown the whole thing.    But trout are real fighters and this fishing is only fun if you have the right equipment, which can also cast small lures.

If you are looking for a new trout rod, whether for the trout pond or for natural waters, this article will help you with recommendations. Here I would also like to give the reader an overview of the optimal characteristics of a trout rod.

Table of Contents Characteristics of a good trout rodThe characteristicsTrout spinning rods for brook and rainbow troutThe inexpensive all-round rod also for perchBalzer Magna Magic Lure Budget TipShimano Forcemaster Trout AreaThe Hardbait rod for the brookThe luxury rodGr50 Lure GreysThe reel for trout spinningSpinning rods for sea trout and sea troutThe special rodMy favouriteSpinning rods for pond fishingThe spiroline rod

Characteristics of a good trout rod

As already mentioned, the requirements vary and are generally oriented towards the water. Trout rods should have a rather soft action – parabolic or semi-parabolic. With such an action the rod can bend up to the handle. In general, rods with an L for light or M for medium action are recommended.

The reset speed is somewhat negligible, i.e. how fast the rod moves back to the starting position. Fast Action Rods with a fast action and high reset speed will continue to cast, but are usually hard as a board and unsuitable for trout.    Because the consequence of board hard rods are bad twisting characteristics and therefore you have more often dropouts.

Which characteristics are important for which fishing technique is listed again in the respective category.

The characteristics

Fishing for trout in a stream or small river is certainly one of the most beautiful ways of pursuing our hobby. I have already written a detailed article about trout fishing in a stream.

A rod for fishing there should be rather short 2 m is usually enough. Long rods can be a hindrance, especially on the Waldbach. Long casts are also not necessary and you can cast more precisely with short rods and that is what counts. Casting weights of trout rods go from 2-25g depending on the lure used. Spinners and plugs are caught up against the current and put a lot of pressure on the rod, but the rod should not bend completely. Light and ultra-light (UL) spinning rods are therefore a good choice.

Trout Spinning Rods for Brook and Rainbow Trout

In the following I will introduce you to some very good trout rods with which you can have fun with spinners, wobblers and spoons both on the brook and on the pond.

The cheap allround rod also for perch

As a cheap rod for the creek I can recommend the Trout and Perch GTS rod from Cormoran. This rod is usually available for less than 50 € and was especially designed for trout and perch fishing. The casting weight is from 3 to 15 g for this range quite wide. Of course 20 g of bait will still work well and even with a little more the rod will not go down. The 2 m long rod is very sensitive and a bit softer than the more expensive next rod.

Balzer Magna Magic Lure Budget Tip

The Lure rod can handle all common brown trout lures and I was able to land a 55 pike with my 5-25 g rod in 2.4 m without having the feeling that the rod would give up immediately. The rod is very cheap and has a great price/performance ratio. I was not only satisfied with the rod at the trout stream, but also fished a lot at small rivers with the pose or even sometimes at the lake for perch.

You can read the more detailed test of the Magna Magic Lure here >>

Shimano Forcemaster Trout Area

I have tested the Ultralight spinning rod extensively this year and am very satisfied with it. Both quality and price are right with the rod and I had a lot of fun with it.    Action and length of the different models is perfect for fishing in streams with spinners, spoons and small plugs. Besides trout I could also catch some nice chubs with the rod.

You can read the whole test from me here >>


The Hardbait rod for the Bach

For small wobblers and other hardbaits the A-Tec Crazee Bass is the perfect choice. You don’t see a Japanese rod for a good 100 € very often, so this rod, which is available in 3 casting weight classes and about 1,9 m long is also suitable for beginners in the “Japanese rod sector”. The action is rather fast, but that doesn’t matter, because the rod goes along well in the fight with the fish. Despite the tightness it is not a real board. A Japanese reel seat from Fuji is also a must for an UL Japan rod. The rod should also be interesting for the perch angler! A recommendable rod! Even though there are 3 rods, I have listed the heaviest one in the table. But you can find the others under the link. A-Tec is by the way the mother company of Tailwalk and it can be assumed that Tailwalk wissen is used here.

The luxury rod

A real luxury rod is the Shimano Diaflash BX Spinning Light 213 Ul. The rod weighs only 96 g and casts 1-7 g casting weights on considerable distances. With the 210 cm length you can also get along well on the creek and Alconite K Rings from Fuji and a reel seat of the same brand were used. So the equipment is right and still you have to know if you want to pay over 180 € for a rod.      See the Diaflash on Amazon >>.

Gr50 Lure Greys

The light, fine and very short ultralight rod from Greys is perfect for the creek to fish light spoons or spinners of size 0 to 1. Thanks to its parabolic action it bows down to strong trout and parries sudden escapes in an optimal way.    Last but not least, the black carbon look of this small, elegant rod is also convincing.

The reel for trout spin fishing

We recommend the Shimano Exage in size 1000 as a reel. The reel runs very softly, is light and the brake starts without jerking. A popular reel for spin fishing and one of the cheaper ones from Shimano next to the Catana. If you are fishing on a river or lake where bigger trout and perch are found you might consider a 2000 reel.

Abu also offers a very light small reel, which is perfect for stalking brown trout. It is not much fun to pick out an ultra light rod and then put the chunky 3000mm pike reel on it. The small spinning reel weighs 196 grams in the 10`er version (1000`er size) and once cranked up it never stops spinning.

A guide to spinning reels and some recommendations can be found here >>

Of course any other small reel that is reasonably light and has a good brake will do the job.

Spinning rods for sea trout

Sea and sea trout can grow to impressive sizes. Capital fish are rare, but they are always within the realm of possibility. That’s why the rod and reel should be able to handle a large fish. A rod must then be correspondingly robust and strong. Therefore a ML or M action is more suitable.

The casting characteristics of a spinning rod for sea trout must be particularly good, because you are looking for the fish in the largest possible areas. Although fish often bite close to the shore, you never know how long they have followed the lure. So rods around 3 m are optimal. 2.7 m are still acceptable, but rather the lower limit there, while I would set the maximum length at 3.4 m. Longer rods are unhandy especially when waddling. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to remove weed from the tip ring and if you stand up to your hips with your waders in the Baltic Sea and don’t want to give your reel a saltwater bath, then it gets difficult.

Meanwhile there are a number of rods specially made for this type of fishing that meet the criteria.

The special rod

I would like to introduce the Daiwa Seahunter Seatrout X as a cheap rod. The blank of the 3,10 m long rod is silver and the handle is made of nice cork. The action is in the perfect semi parabolic range to fight big trout, but also to give way to smaller ones.

My Favourite

My personal favourite, however, is the Berkley Skeletor XCD with medium to light action. With a previous version I caught my first sea trout and still fish the rod today. The successor version here loads even better, so maximum casting distances are no problem. The rod does not cost very little, but it is absolutely worth the money. The special skeletor rod handle allows you to put your thumb directly on the blank and feel exactly what is going on under water. Even the finest bites are not missed with a skeleton rod. The rod is 3 m long and has a casting weight of 8 to 32g.

For all those who are looking for a rod for around 80 € I can recommend the WFT Penzill rod, which was specially developed for sea trout fishing. The rod is 3,05 m long and has a casting weight of 8-44g.

Spinning rods for pond fishing

In Germany there are numerous trout ponds where you can fish without a licence. But often only natural bait is allowed. Trout like moving and turning bait, so the trout dough was invented, which you knead so that it turns in the water. To get the light dough at a distance, a kind of sinking pose has become popular – the spirolino.

So here again, other characteristics are required. The classic method at the trout pond is fishing with Spirolino or pose montages. Recently also with the Tremarella. All these mounts require a very long mount with a long leader. This means that we need a long rod to cast such a montage, while the casting weights are usually still low.

Here I would like to refer first of all to the Tele rods. Trout rods for the pond are very long. At the Tele-Rods overview I present two very good models especially for this kind of fishing. If it should be a plug rod nevertheless, here are still some recommendations.

If fishing with conventional artificial bait is allowed, however, we recommend trout rods for the stream again.

The Spirolino rod

A Spirolino rod does not only cut a good figure at the pond, but the Balz Trota Italia Sbiro Trout in 3.30 m and 3-28g WG, as the name suggests, was developed exactly for this purpose. Of course, you can also use the rod for normal spin fishing or ground or pose fishing. To be honest I would use this rod completely as an all-round rod not only for the pond. It is very light and looks good with the cork handle. The rod costs around 55 €.

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