Savage Gear Lure Specialist Fishing Bag Reviewed


Savage Gear Lure Specialist Fishing Bag Test IntroductionIn my search for a compact all-around fishing bag, I found the Savage Gear Lure Specialist in size M. I need the bag mainly for fishing from the boat, so it should fit at least 3 lure boxes. All other equipment such as knives, hook removers, jigs, towel, fishing license, stinger box and fluorocarbon reel should also fit in the bag. I’ve been using the Savage Gear Lure Specialist bag for about six months now and would like to share my thoughts on the bag with you in this review. product detailsDimensions: 30 x 40 x 22 cmWeight: 2.1 kg (empty weight: bag + bait boxes)Saltwater resistant zippersZip resistant 600D fabricSupplied with: bag, shoulder strap, 4 large bait boxes, 2 small bait boxesBuild up & finishThe front of the bag has a compartment for the bait boxes. A total of 4 of the included bait boxes have space here, on the inside of the bag there is an additional compartment in which narrow objects can be stored. For example the fishing license or a water map can be stored here. Unfortunately the bag is only protected by a velcro fastener, so the contents of the bag are not completely protected against water/moisture. Especially when it rains and the bag is left open, some moisture can quickly penetrate. On the left and right side there are two smaller pockets, which can also be filled with tackle boxes, these are also included in the delivery. I personally use only one of them for jigging heads and stow all kinds of other stuff in the other bag. on the top side there is another bigger compartment, which can be used for all kinds of equipment. Here you can easily store a roll of fluorocarbon, a pair of scissors, a few Dropshot weights and a few more small boxes with baits and snaps. And of course an apple, that always has to be there, too. Additional tackle, which you should always have handy, can be stored in a mesh pocket on the back. Here you can find a bigger knife, a hook plier as well as a small towel and gloves.handling & practicalityThe space of the bag is in most cases completely sufficient. Often I have rather too much tackle with me and would probably get along well with less space. But you never know if you might need exactly the one lure you never need otherwise.the different bags are all easily accessible and well stored. Only with the transparent inside pockets it would have been good to use zippers instead of velcro fasteners. This would have made it easier to prevent water and moisture from entering the bag and would have provided better protection for stored documents, for example. #With the two carrying handles the bag can be carried over short distances, even if it is fully loaded.for longer distances we recommend the shoulder strap, which is simply attached to the sides with can be easily adjusted in length and is therefore quickly adapted to the correct body size. The shoulder pad is comfortable, but could use a light rubber coating to prevent it from slipping off the shoulder when wearing smooth clothing, which can easily happen with fully loaded hands. Savage Gear Lure Specialist Fishing Bag – Shoulder Strap Savage Gear Lure Specialist Fishing Bag – Carabiner for Shoulder Strap Savage Gear Lure Specialist Fishing Bag – Shoulder Strap AdjustmentOn the underside of the bag, a rubber-plastic layer protects the bag from moisture and dirt. Both the large and small tackle boxes can be adjusted horizontally to fit the correct lure size using a plug-in system. For about 50 Euro you will get a very useful tackle bag with enough space for your tackle. There are some small deductions in the manufacturing process as the seams were not sewn neatly in some places and some of the threads were sticking out, and there’s also some potential in the Velcro closures on the inside pockets and the shoulder pad, which could be rubberised for better grip, but all in all, the Savage Gear Lure Specialist bag is an absolute recommendation as it’s good value for money and well designed for use on the water.

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