Savage Gear Lure Specialist Fishing Backpack Reviewed


Savage Gear Lure Specialist Fishing Backpack in the TestIntroductionThe Savage Gear Lure Specialist backpack, as the name suggests, comes from the “Lure Specialist” series, from which we also tested the Savage Gear Lure Specialist fishing bag. The design and functionality of the backpack is very similar to that of its bigger brother, so it looks a bit like its bigger brother – see our review to find out just how practical the backpack is in everyday fishing. Product DetailsDimensions: 40 x 38 x 23 cmWeight: 2.0 kg (empty weight: bag + bait boxes)Saltwater resistant zippersRip-resistant 600D fabricSupplied with: bag, 3 large bait boxesBuild up & finishThe Savage Gear Lure Specialist backpack is similar in design to the series’ bag of the same name. However, there are some important differences. While the bag comes with room for 4 tackle boxes, the backpack only has room for 3 boxes in the bottom compartment. While the bag has additional compartments on the right and left side with further boxes, the side pockets of the backpack only offer storage space. Separate boxes are not included here. An additional compartment on the front side offers storage space to store more tackle and the backpack has a large compartment accessible from the top, which offers space for all kinds of things. A few snacks, line, knife and other fishing equipment can be stored here.another difference to the bag is that the transparent compartment on the top has a zipper and is therefore much better protected from moisture and dirt.Handling & practicalityThe backpack sits comfortably on the shoulders. Even when fully loaded, the straps sit in a comfortable position. However, the padding is quite thin, both on the back and the shoulders. The rucksack carries itself therefore okay, but has in any case still air to the top.through the loops on the front side up to 2 fishing rods or a rod and a landing net can be attached to the rucksack, which is very practical.through the elastic on the top side the own jacket or also the landing net can be accommodated here comfortably.the straight underside of the rucksack has also the advantage that this stands straight, if you put it on the ground. This facilitates access to the compartment with the bait boxes. In addition, the backpack remains rather clean. A rubber layer on the underside of the rucksack also prevents moisture from penetrating. ConclusionFor a price of around 60 Euros you will receive a well manufactured fishing rucksack that sits comfortably on your back when you go on short fishing trips. I don’t like the look of the rucksack as much as I would have liked it to look like a fishing bag rather than a rucksack, which is probably due to the square design, but the Savage Gear Lure Specialist rucksack does its job very well. The compartments are easily accessible, big enough and well made. The rod holder means that you don’t always have to carry your fishing rods in your hand. The included tackle boxes are also a plus, making the Savage Gear Lure Specialist fishing backpack a clear recommendation to buy.

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