Ultimate guide to selecting the perfect lure for bass fishing


Looking for the perfect lure for bass fishing is a daunting task. There are so many options to choose from. Even veteran anglers will have a difficult time selecting the perfect lure for bass. Let’s face it, most of us don’t know everything there is about lures.


This is why I’ve put together a list of some of the best lures for bass that you can get your hands on. Each of these lures has something special to offer. And with them in your arsenal, you can make sure that you will be ready to conquer your fishing ground.


Wtrees Best Tube Jigs Kit Crappie Jigs Set for Bass Fishing Lures and Baits


When it comes to lures that you can count on any time of the year, skirted jigs are always on top of the list (https://shopkarls.com/blog/jig-fishing-101-when-to-use-each-type/). These versatile lures can help you catch bass in cold or warm waters. You can even count on them whether you’re fishing in the water and rocks. They also work on woods, grass, or open waters. Jigs work well when you fish in shallow waters. However, they work equally well when you’re trying to drag the bottom of the lake.


Wtrees has a jigs kit that you can take advantage of. It has everything that you need when you go fishing. There is a total of 16 pieces included in this kit. Aside from the 7 pieces of bass jig heads, you also get 7 pieces of skirts and 2 pieces of FAT craws.


What I like about this kit is how easy it is to combine the 7 bass jigs. The skirts of these jigs are replaceable so you can mix and match them. Do so until you have a skirted jig that works well for you. It also doesn’t hurt that this kit has a reasonable price.


These jigs are very versatile. You can use them for pitching, flipping, and casting in and around cover. The hooks included in this kit are Mustad’s. These hooks make use of Mustad’s Wire Technology and Non-Tempering Process. What this means for you is you have hooks that are lighter yet up to 20% stronger.



  • Lures are lifelike
  • Hooks have an anti-rust coating
  • Hooks are 125% sharper than normal hooks


  • Lure might not swim straight
  • Might be too light for some


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wLure Minnow Crankbait for Bass Fishing Bass Lure Fishing Lure

Just like the versatile skirted jigs, crankbaits also do well all-year round (https://www.theonlinefisherman.com/bass-fishing/crankbaits-101). You can simply change your crankbait depending on the season. You can also change them depending on the water conditions and you can be sure that you can get a bass to bite.


The wLure Minnow Crankbait is a perfect example of this type of lure. Each set comes with 6 pieces of lures, each with its own hook. They have almost 3 dozen designs and colors to choose from. With such a wide selection, you won’t have any problem selecting a lure that will work for you.


The patterns that they used in designing these lures are lifelike. These lifelike patterns will definitely help you attract your target. The 3D holographic hard fishing eyes make the lures more attractive. These lures also come in their own tackle box. This will help you keep them organized and easy to carry.


Another stand-out feature is the Eagle Claw Shape Treble hooks. These hooks are 125% sharper than regular hooks (https://fishing.com/fishing-gear/fishing-hooks/treble-hooks/). They made the hook points using a special cutting blade grinding technique. This is to ensure excellent penetration. These hooks have an anti-rust coating. This coating will ensure that they won’t rust when you use them for saltwater fishing.



  • Lures are lifelike
  • Hooks have an anti-rust coating
  • Hooks are 125% sharper than normal hooks



  • Lure might not swim straight
  • Might be too light for some


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Smart Bomb Bass Lures

Unlike the other lures used in bass fishing, finesse worms don’t look as sophisticated. As their name suggests, finesse worms look like worms. Which probably explains why bass gets attracted to them.


This is a favorite among bass anglers. They work well in any conditions. From a human’s viewpoint, they might not look as attractive as other lures but they get the job done.


The Smart Bomb Bass Lures is an excellent example of this type of lure. They come in different designs so you can purchase the one that you think might lure bass better. You can also buy them in different quantities. You can have them from as low as a 3-piece pack to as many as 24 pieces.


The 10-pack worm style is a popular choice for bass anglers. These lures have soft plastic materials that make them flexible. Another thing that makes these lures popular is the fact that they work well in both saltwater and freshwater. You no longer have to purchase different lures if you’re going to another fishing ground.


These “smartbaits” get activated by temperature. Their color changes from a light color to a darker one. Or from a dark color to a lighter one when they move through water with different temperatures. This color-changing action makes them noticeable to predatory fishes. What I like about this type of lure is the way it sinks slowly in the water. Combined with the color-change feature, this slow sinking action provides ample time for your target to notice your lure.  


They also have a top-water style bait if that is your preference. This is a type of lure that you can use to draw attention from any predatory fish (http://flashtactical.com/topwater-lures/). All that you have to do is retrieve them slower or faster until you get the tempo that attracts your targets.



  • Changes color depending on water temperature
  • Available in different designs
  • Ideal for both saltwater and freshwater



  • Lure is too slow to sink
  • Lure might be too long for smaller bass


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Lixada Fishing Bass Lure Multi Jointed Artificial Bait Segment Lifelike Trout Swimbait Hard Crankbait Treble Hooks

Swimbaits are the newest type of baits used in bass angling. Despite being a relative newcomer, swimbaits are now a favorite for fish catchers. Their effectiveness comes from their ability to imitate a baitfish. This property makes them effective all year round (http://www.mikelongoutdoors.com/what-is-a-swimbait-and-why-does-it-work/).


The Lixada Fishing Bass Lure is an excellent example of a swimbait. This swimbait features a 7-segment multi-jointed artificial fishing bait. It also comes with 2 treble hooks. They have a bionic fish body with 3D lifelike eyes. Combined with its swimming action, this lure easily provokes fish to bite the hook.


This is also an excellent lure for those who are going after large prey. It has a strong fabric with a pulling force of up to 37.5lbs so it can handle any large fish.


The materials used in this lure are odor-free and environmentally friendly. This is also a versatile lure that can work not just for bass angling. It is also great for catching yellow perch, pike, muskie, roach, and trout both in saltwater and freshwater.



  • Ideal for catching large fish
  • Made from environment-friendly materials
  • Has life-like swimming action



  • Hooks might need upgrading
  • Might be too heavy for swimming rods


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Dynamic Lures Trout Fishing Lure | Multiple BB Chamber Inside | (2) – Size 10 Treble Hooks | for Fishing Bass, Trout, Walleye, Carp

Jerkbaits are often referred to as lures for cold water months. These lures have sturdy bodies that make them ideal for ripping through scattered grass. You can also rapidly twitch them over expansive flats (https://makewoodenlures.com/what-jerkbait/).


An example of this type of lure is the Dynamic Lures Trout Fishing Lure. Although its name puts emphasis on trout, this is also an excellent lure for bass, walleye, and carp. They come in 20 different designs and colors. Each design accurately mimics the color and appearance of fish bait. The life-like design and color of this bait make it very attractive to bass. It has a slender and low profile. This profile makes it ideal to use even when angling for smaller fish.


It also sinks slow, so it allows for more than enough time for predatory fishes to notice it and bite. The optimal depth for this lure is 0-2 feet.


Another vital feature of this lure is the multiple rattling BB inner chamber. This feature accomplishes two things. The first one is it helps the lure maintain an upright position while in the water. This gives the lure a more life-like lure and makes it even more attractive to bass.


The second benefit of this chamber is the rattling noise it emits. This low-frequency rattling noise mimics real baitfish. The said sound can  easily provoke your target.



  • Wide variety of colors and designs
  • Emits rattling noise that mimics baitfish
  • Has life-like color and design
  • Stays upright in the water



  • Not ideal for deep targets
  • Might be too small for bigger bass


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Of the lures mentioned above, the one that stood out for me is the Wtrees. It is an excellent lure that you can use all year round. I also like that this lure works well in any environment. I’ve used lures before that perform great in open water but becomes so-so when used around rocks.


I also like that you can easily combine 7 bass jigs. This will allow you to get the configuration that you feel will work best for you. The Mustad’s hook that they use in this lure is also of excellent quality. Although they feel light, they are more durable compared to other hooks that I’ve tried.


These versatile lures are ideal for casting, flipping, or pitching. The 16-piece kit has all that I need so this is a value for money purchase for me.


Buying Guide

A successful lure depends on several factors. You can buy the most expensive lure in the market but not catch a single fish. But you won’t catch a single fish if you don’t have the right kind of lure. So, what are the things that you need to consider in selecting the perfect lure for bass?


Right size

Lures come in different sizes. When it comes to lures, bigger is not always better. You need to think of what game fish you are targeting.  If you have a target fish in mind, you can select the right size for your lure.


A lure that is too large won’t be effective if you’re trying to bait a small type of fish. A small fish will not target a large baitfish. You need to get a lure that is small enough for your target fish to devour.


The smaller lures that usually range from 1-2 inches. These are ideal for catching crappies or bluegills. If you are after white bass then the lure you should be getting are those that range from 1-3 inches in size. If you’re gunning for smallmouth bass, a lure that’s 2-5 inches will be ideal.  


You need to make sure that your lure is not too small. A lure that is too small may not get noticed by the bass that you’re after.


The depth of your fishing ground

Different bodies of water have different depths. And as most experienced anglers know, game fish move to different spots depending on the season. This is why you need to take into consideration the depth of the body of water where you intend to fish.


During the summer months, fish tend to go to deep waters. This is the time when the water surface may get too hot for the game fish that you’re after.  During these months, they have the tendency to spend more time in the deep. In the summer months, you need to equip yourself with deep running lures. Top of the water lures may give you some catch but you’ll have a better chance with lures that can sink low.


During the fall and spring months, bass spawns and look for food in shallow waters (https://www.fix.com/blog/bass-fishing-by-season/). Bass also hang back and protect their nests. During this season, you can try to drag something through the spawning ground to try and anger them enough. If you anger them enough, they will try and kill your bait.


The ideal lures to use during these months are shallow running lures and surface lures. You’ll run the risk of snagging your lure into the ground if you use deep running lures in shallow waters.


Color Choices

Lures come in a wide range of colors and designs. So, which one should you select? Veteran anglers have their own opinions on which color is best for a lure. As a general rule, light-colored lures are ideal for clear waters. Bright-colored lures can be ideal for use in stained waters.


When the water is clear, you don’t want to use a fluorescent lure. Such lures may look too bright for your target. The lure might look too artificial or fake for the bass that you’re after. On the other hand, if you’re fishing in stained waters, a bright colored lure will still get noticed. When you use a light-colored lure in stained waters, the bass you’re targeting might not notice your lure.


The shine of the lure that you’re using will also have an impact on your success. When a lure is shiny, it is more visible. They are also easier for the bass to find. This is doubly effective when you’re fishing in shallow waters. More so when there is still plenty of light in the surroundings. The light around the water will bounce off a shiny lure. This shine will catch the attention of your target.


If you can afford it, buy three or more different colors. You can then try each color for a dozen or so casts. This is a simple way of determining which color will get you more bites.


If you’re on a budget, there are multicolored lures available in the market. You can even purchase those lure bundles with 5 lures of different colors. This is a cheaper alternative to buying one lure at a time.


If you’re fishing in a new area, get the opinion of the locals. Chat with them and ask them what color works the best for them. You can also go to the local bait shop. Ask the person at the counter which color is their bestseller among the locals. This is a simple way of knowing the preference of the locals if you’re not comfortable chatting with them.


How fast should I reel in my lure?

Different baits have different reel in speeds. If you’re using a topwater lure to catch bass, you can retrieve your lure in a nice fluid motion. If you’re using a popper, you need to reel in the line tight. You can then do a jerk motion to get that “pop” from the popper.


With jigs, the speed of your reel will depend on the where you want your depth to be (http://www.gameandfishmag.com/editorial/4-tips-when-jig-fishing-for-bass/193231#). If you want your bait closer to the surface of the water, you need to reel in faster. If you want your bait to go deeper, a slow reel should do the trick. If you’re using a crankbait, you should reel the lure in at a fast and steady pace. This will make the bait look as if it is swimming. You will also get a better chance of attracting bass.











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