Shimano Baitrunner OC Freewheel Reel Under Review


For the new carp season I wanted a new freewheel reel for me the choice was between the Baitrunner OC and the US Baitrunner, which are very similar in price. But as I like to fish at the sea and the two reels are very similar, I decided to use the Oceanic reel, which was originally developed in Australia for lifeline fishing for barramundi. The saltwater suitability is just a bonus that I like to take with me. The main area of use will be bottom fishing for carp, even though this test has only been done at sea so far.

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First impression – A robust and all-weather capable workhorse

The first test cranking shows how smoothly the reel runs. There is hardly any difference to the US Baitrunner. Because in terms of smoothness of running, it is in no way inferior to many spinning reels. I especially like the maintenance screw on the reel, which can be removed easily and allows me to re-oil it regularly. The line hanger is typical Shimano a bit thin but still stable. Also stable technology was used for the crank, which is screwed in and is not locked like before. This makes the reel more stable and makes it less vulnerable. Of course you can mount the crank left and right, which makes the reel suitable for both left and right handers. There is a lever for the backstop on the reel, which makes me a little bit surprised, because this is rather unnecessary technique, which is the target for the salt water.

The freewheel of the reel works perfectly and can be easily adjusted at the stern. With a rich clacking sound it turns over as soon as I turn the crank. Just as well the roller bar jumps over when I turn the crank. Only in one position it doesn’t make it that easy, but that’s nothing new for every not extremely expensive reel. The brake settings of the freewheel as well as the strong front brake are easy to handle and also the lightly rubberized crank knob fits well in the hand.

Finally the line laying, where I decided to use a braided 40 lb line for saltwater fishing, which is laid cleanly.

All in all the reel seems to me to be very stable and robust and I am looking forward to the practical use.

Technique and Models

The gear ratio of the reel is quite low with 4,8 : 1, which is normal for free spool reels. Especially the size of the reel makes for good line pull. The reel size is well comparable to Okuma reels. The free spool reel has only 4 ball bearings, but as already mentioned, it runs silky smooth. More bearings are not really necessary as long as they are in the right place and are of good quality.

There are four models of the roller: 4000, 6000, 8000 and 12000

Here are the features of the roller:

  • 3 Shielded Stainless Steel ball bearings + 1 ball bearing
  • Varispeed gear
  • Easy Maintenace
  • Floating Shaft II
  • Super Stopper II
  • AR-C Spool design
  • Dyna Balance

Practical test

The practical test was, as befits a saltwater reel, at the sea on the Canary Islands. Spooled with a braided 40 lb line we went at night on conger, moray eels and rays and during the day on smaller

fish, like saddle bream. Loss of line is not a problem, because the reel winds really nice. Unfortunately I didn’t get any big fish on the line, but smaller sea fish also put pressure on the reel, but of course the reel had no problems with that. The brake can be adjusted very far, but this requires many turns. Here I would have wished for something faster gripping, whereby I can also adjust my brake very finely. The freewheel could be adjusted very well to the conditions, so that the often strong waves could not pull a line, but fish could pull well without suspicion. Another positive thing I noticed is that the reel still turns very smoothly even under load. This makes it easy to reel in even the heaviest rigs and what’s really important is that you can reel in your line quickly and comfortably when you’re drilling.

The use of saltwater has not been noted on the reel, as it must be for a reel that is advertised as saltwater capable. Of course I rinsed the reel with fresh water after a week of fishing.

The practical test will be extended as soon as I could catch some carp here, although it doesn’t make much sense to move with it to the quarry pond or river due to ice and low temperatures. The reel already had a short hiding place at the lake, but nothing happened here.


Great technique and a cheaper alternative to the US Baitunner D. With the Oceanic Baitrunner you don’t do anything wrong for less than 100 € you get a great freewheel reel, which can also go to the sea without having to worry about the technique. So far I have nothing to criticize about the reel and can recommend it without hesitation.

Shimano Baitrunner OC 9 Price Performance 8.5/10 Workmanship 9.0/10 Practice (preliminary) 9.5/10 Pros Saltwater SuitableAdvantegeous alternative to the Baitrunner DTolle techniqueFine adjustable freewheelEven under load silky smooth running Cons Brake could be adjustable with less revolutionsThin bungee bar View here at Amazon >> View here at Ebay >>

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