Shimano Nasci FB In The Endurance Review At The Sea


New at Shimano is the Nasci FB spinning and allround reel. It shines in the new 2017 version with features that were previously reserved for much more expensive reels such as the Stradic. I took the reel to the sea once and fished a lot with it for 10 days. I even took the reel with me on the belly boat and had to endure a full bath in the Mediterranean Sea.

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First impression

Out of the box the reel spins really great and runs very smoothly, which must be standard for Shimano’s price range. Nothing wobbles and everything is beautifully and stably processed. There are still washers on the roll, which can change the winding pattern if it doesn’t fit. But in my case the winding pattern fit immediately and even a badly wound up braided one (buxom ignored and dry wound up) did not throw a wig once. What was removed from the reel is the lever to turn off the backstop. This can now be disturbing for those who use this function. I actually never use it and therefore this is not a real minus point for me.  A spare spool is unfortunately missing in the box, which unfortunately has become standard.

The reel is made of special plastic with an aluminium crank and spool. The plastic is black with a slight glitter effect, but not kitschy. In general the design is very nice and I like it very much. I did not find any manufacturing defects.

Throwing the reel does very well thanks to its generous trailing edge. Together with an 8-plait line and the corresponding spinning rod very long casts were possible.

When I turned the counter screw for the crank once there was a lot of grease on it. A sign that the reel is already greased properly ex works. As well as the fact that it had to run in a little bit and ran softer after the first use than directly from the box. The knob is also very comfortable to hold and is made of a very good non-slip rubber-plastic material, which I like very much.

The braking power is also worth mentioning, which is quite good with 9 kg on my 2500 reel.


  • Waterproof brake
  • Core protect against water
  • X-Ship gear
  • Ball bearings: 4 Shielded Stainless Steel & 1 roller bearing
  • Varispeed II cord laying
  • Body material: XT-7
  • Cold forged aluminium spool


The test

I took the reel to Croatia and fished extensively. Unfortunately there were no big fish on the reel, only wood and other rubbish was drilled in, which made a little more pressure and gave me a good impression of the strength. With the brake fine tuned I had fun with small fishes which I caught in large quantities. The important thing: the brake works perfectly and does not jerk. The slow gear ratio of my 2500` version was pleasant when fishing for squid, but the reel is also available in high gear ratio (HG for high gear). The reel turns easily and therefore speed jigging with smaller jigs was no problem, which together with the Daiwa Megaforce was a lot of fun. It was really hard for the reel on the Belly boot, where it got a lot of salt and had to take a bath. Of course I rinsed her with fresh water right after that. Here the roll was probably also protected by the sealant “Core protect”, which is supposed to protect the roll from water penetration in exactly such cases. I also used the reel in freshwater and used plugs and topwater baits to chase pike from the Drau Reservoir, but they were not very enthusiastic and took the pike right next to my bait…

Three weeks after its use the reel is turning even better than at the beginning: obviously no salt water has penetrated and no ball bearing is rusting.


A really recommendable roll and for me also a test winner in the price range around 70-100 € depending on size. The roll has been through a very hard test and has convinced me completely. The salt water did not bother it, but it also cuts a good figure in fresh water. Who does not need a switchable backstop can get a great reel with good equipment and technology.

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