Shimano Sedona FI Reviewed At The Small River


The Shimano Sedomna FI has been on the market for a while now and is therefore often quite cheap. In search of a new spinning reel for my perch and trout rods I ordered the reel and now I tested it for you. My reel is the Sedona C2000 FI HGS with extra flat spool.

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First impression

My first impression is positive throughout, because my model has a high gear ratio, you notice a minimal starting resistance, which is absolutely typical and normal for HG (High gear) reels with a high gear ratio of 6 : 0. Optically, the reel has a typical Shimano design with a large brake knob and looks good, both in terms of the cranking and the feel. The reel body is made of a high quality plastic, the crank and the spool of aluminum

The small rubberized crank knob fits well in the hand and hardly allows slipping of the fingers. The backstop has minimal play, which can still be considered ok in this price range. This is also permanently switched off, because there is no lever for it. This is nice, because you never need this function of a reel anyway and it is just another part that can break or where water can enter the reel.

I also used Shimano and wound up a 0.185` Technium invistec mono. Simply because monofilament is still great for trout fishing in creeks and small rivers and does not disturb the perch. Rubber fishing is not effective with most trout rods anyway.

Apart from that the package contains the usual things: an exploded drawing and a few washers for the spool.

Technique and Models

My choice was the 2000` HGS, because I wanted a small and light reel for my trout and perch rods, which is solid and above all light but still not so expensive. At the same time I wanted a high gear ratio to be able to keep up with the current, especially in trout creeks, and also to be able to fish with the current. In terms of weight, it is still the same as the other small Sedonas with only 215 grams. It’s also the cheapest version and there’s just a lot of money left over for tackles.

The Sedona is currently Shimano’s cheapest reel with the Hagane Gearbox (HGN), which has been available since 2017. This is a cold forged aluminium gearbox, without subsequent machining. The Shimano Nasci FB, which also has a HGN transmission, has been serving me well for almost a year now without any failures or defects. Link to the test of the Nasci >>

Practical test

For the practical test I went to a small river to fish for chub and perch, as it is still trout-free season at the moment.  As soon as the trout protection period is over, I will extend the practical test. To make a long story short, in a strong fast fall and light high water there was unfortunately no fish to bite, but I got a good idea of the Boxfrischen Rolle under practical conditions. Especially about the casting characteristics, which were quite good. At first I was a bit worried, because the reel sometimes wound the new monofilament line a little bit wrong, but after half an hour of fishing this didn’t happen anymore and is due to the relatively stiff line. In general the winding pattern is great and even braided ones will not cause any problems for the reel.

It was also very nice that the reel still cranks easily even under load with lures that are still under pressure, not all reels are as nice as the Sedona. Nevertheless, for more money there are more common spinning reels, like the Legalis LT or the Nasci.

It was a bit annoying that the roller bar is very difficult to fold down in some positions when cranking. That doesn’t have to be the case with a roller that has an RRP of just under 60 €. Even if it is now available almost everywhere at a much lower price.

Despite a few snow baths and a lot of water, the roller doesn’t cause any trouble a few days after use. Update an approx. 30 seconds long bath in 50 cm deep water didn’t bother the reel yet (now 3 months have passed since then)


All in all, I like the role quite well despite the small flaw. Especially for my purpose, spin fishing on the river and trout stream, the model I chose with high gear ratio is ideal. If you are looking for a light and cheap reel, you should take a closer look at it. Alternatively there is e.g. the Daiwa Ninja, which is very good for the price in my top spinning reel list.

Shimano Sedona FI 7.8 Price Performance 8.0/10 Workmanship 7.0/10 Practice (preliminary) 8.5/10 Pros Easy and smooth runningHGN TransmissionGood practice performance (preliminary) Cons Roll bar folds over in one position only with difficultyPlastic rolls View here at Amazon >> View here at Ebay >>

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