Shimano Stradic Spinning Reel Reviewed


For many years the Shimano Stradic reel series stands for very smooth running fishing reels with high line pull per crank revolution. The housings are always made of light and robust high tech materials such as carbon reinforced plastic or magnesium. Manufacturing processes such as cold forged parts and the latest technology, which in the past were usually only found in the Shimano flagship of the Stella. The reel is especially popular with rubber anglers and when fishing at sea with fast baits. In principle, however, it is suitable for all types of spin fishing (fishing with heavy poppers on GT times excluded).

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Technical Features

In the Stradic FK, increased attention was paid to the durability of the parts by manufacturing reel parts that have to withstand high continuous loads with new cold forging processes. There is also a built-in protection to prevent water from entering the housing. This makes the Stradic series suitable for use in sea and brackish water. A further weight reduction compared to its predecessor has been omitted, which would have been bad for the balance of longer rods for shore fishing anyway.

The outstanding feature of the reel is the high gear ratio of 6:0 on the smaller models and 6.2:1 on the larger models. The Stradic FC still had a double crank, while the Shimano Stradic FK has a single crank. The brake knob is remarkably large and can therefore be operated quickly and easily even with clammy fingers. Of course, there is also a cord clip on the spool that is easy on the eyes.  It goes without saying that such a spool is very good for laying line and it is excellent for braided lines. So that you can adjust the line laying, washers for the spool are included. Furthermore there is a manual with an exploded view, which helps if you have to repair your reel. Unfortunately the Shimano reel oil is missing, which was always in the box in the past.

Overview of the models

All models are equipped with 6+1 high quality ball bearings.


Applications for a reel with such high gear ratios are sea and sea trout fishing, as well as asp fishing. So all very fast predators who prefer a fast bait presentation. To fish all day long for the “fish of a thousand casts” or even the “snow queen” of the Alps and pre-alpine lakes, you are grateful for any work that takes the tackle away from you.  Of course, the reel is also suitable for any angler who wants to do less cranking in spin fishing. A special suitability of the reel is also rubber fishing for zander also with the lazy method.

In practice

I have put the 2500 model through its paces.  The reel cranks itself incredibly easy and pleasant and needs little maintenance. The colour looks very good and goes against the trend to design as eye-catching rollers as possible, but the roller still looks nice. This is exactly what I like best. The main use was pike-perch fishing on the Neckar River, where the reel did very well, because when you search large sections of the river for the predators, you are grateful to have fewer cranks.

The reel also seems to keep the promised robustness. I have had a Stradic FB for almost 10 years, which with a little care has been used in salt water for years. I hope that this will also be the case with the FK. Unfortunately the higher quality and well equipped reels have their price, depending on the model, about 130€ for a smaller Stradic CI4+ (also a great reel) and 10-30€ more for a Stradic FK. There are also often remainders of the older series to buy, if you want to save a little bit, you can do so here.


With a Stradic FK even anglers with high expectations will be satisfied. If you are looking for a reel for the above-mentioned areas of application, the Stradic is the right choice. The usual high quality reel from Shimano. It is especially good for rubber fishing, asp and sea trout fishing.

Shimano Stradic FK About 150€ 9 Price Performance 8.5/10 Processing 9.5/10 Practice 9.0/10 Pros Strong brakeHigh line pull-inLatest technologyStabil Cons Price View here at Amazon

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