Shimano Yasei Aspius Review


If you are looking for a good spinning rod for around 100€, you should take a look at the Yasei Aspius from Shimano. Currently there is hardly a better spinning rod for fishing with rubber fish in this price segment. The Yasei Aspius is available in two versions: MH and H. The H version is more suitable for rubber fishing, while the MH version is a good all-round spinning rod that is still good for fishing rubber lures.

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First impression

The Shimano can produce great rods they have already proven with the Beastmaster and Speedmaster series. A newer series is the Aspius series with a nice white and black blank that measures 2,7m on both rods. The blank is really tight and with 184g the MH rod is a real lightweight. Something special is the flattened grip end, which offers very good grip and is shaped like a Katana grip (Japanese sword). With the lower grip end you have a long lever which you can grip well, the upper grip end is very short. From it you can hold what you want, some like it, others don’t. Personally I get along with it very well. The casting weight of the MH rod with 2,7m length is about 7-28g. With the H rod, which is also 2,7m long, the weight is 14-40g.


The blank is made of high quality Japanese carbon with “Biofibre” technology, which is also used in much more expensive rods. There were 10 Fuji Alconite rings used, not the flagship of Fuji, but the rod does not cost 250€. You have to make small cutbacks on the cork handle, which is unfortunately not the most beautiful and is only very thinly processed. The sense behind it seems to be that you have a better feedback. A hook eye is available, for me a must for a spinning rod! Otherwise the workmanship is top and there is nothing else to complain about.


The blank was originally developed for asp fishing. The name is derived from Latin:  Leuciscus aspius or Aspius Aspius. Of course the rod is also suitable for spin fishing for these predators and also as a light pike spinning rod the H version is Top! But as already mentioned at the beginning, the H Variant is really great for rubber fishing on the jigging head for zander, because the sensitive blank allows you to feel exactly when the lure has reached the bottom. Even lighter rubbers with lead heads can be nicely guided with both rods. Even a rubber fish lead head combo with a total weight of 55g doesn’t seem to overstrain the H rod and still feels okay and therefore Rhine, Elbe and Oder don’t pose a problem for the rod. OK, it depends on the section :). Under load the blank bends up to the middle which promises good drill and casting characteristics.

The MH version is a rod with which you can do almost everything, as long as the casting weight fits halfway. Wobblers can be guided just as well as spinners and spoons. However, the H version is still quite suitable for this kind of casting, if I had to choose one, it would probably be the H!

Please don’t confuse the Yasei Aspius with the Yasei Aspius Red, because this one has a medium action and slower reset speed than the white/black rods and is a good spinning rod, but not for zander with rubber fish.


Great rod for the price. At the time of the market launch we had to pay 180€ for this great rod, now it is around 120€ and that is a fair offer for such a good rod. If Shimano hadn’t used such an ugly cork, the rod would be the all around happy Zander Jig and Wobbler rod for a fair price. Best suited for this rod is a 3000` reel.

Shimano Yasei Aspius 9 Price/Performance 9.5/10 Features 8.5/10 Robustness 9.0/10 Pros VersatilePrizeGood special offersProcessing Cons Thin cork handle View here at Amazon

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