Simply Tie The Eight Loop


The figure-of-eight loop is also called the figure-of-eight knot but is not to be confused with the knot for climbing.      It is one of the simplest loop knots but still gets more carrying capacity than a normal loop knot. The knot is suitable for monofilament, braided and fluorocarbon lines and can therefore be used universally.

Better loop knots with more carrying capacity are very complicated to tie and are simply not worthwhile for our freshwater fishing. So to tie a loop to the end of a leader, which I then hook into a carabiner, this is the only knot I can think of.

Tying instructions

The knot is tied in a very short time and does not require any special skill. There are also no special steps where you have to watch out for anything. Nevertheless I recommend to do a pull test after tying each knot.

In the first step we take enough string and lay the end parallel as shown in the picture above.

The second step is to put a loop back.

In the third and fourth step the end of the loop is wrapped once around the leader and the short end completely and then comes through the hole created in step two from the front again.      With braided lines it is also possible to wind several times. In this step I recommend to enlarge the picture above once to be able to understand this better.

Finally everything is moistened again and then tightened. Ready is one of the simplest but best loop knots.

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