Spinner Again Fully In The Trend


The Spinner is the classic among the artificial baits and simply not to be killed. But with the trend of rubber lures and finesse rigs it has landed at the bottom of the lure box for many anglers. Quite wrongly, because now that many anglers hardly use spinners anymore, it is more catchable than ever. Trout, perch, pike and chub love spinners but not only them: when fishing with spinners you are never safe from surprises and even a peace fish can bite.

Last but not least the spinner is also a very cheap lure and if you use it in mid-water or near the surface you will very rarely lose one. So Spinner is also easy on your wallet and for a few Euros you get a good assortment.

Table of Contents Why the spinner catches so wellA search baitEasy to assembleEasy to useSo you can get the most out of your spinnersMore about spin fishing

Why the spinner catches so well

A bait that you can’t go wrong with and that brings fish that aren’t really hungry. The reason is very simple: spinners irritate the

sidelines of the fish so much that many simply become aggressive and grab. But there are more reasons why he catches so well and this is mainly due to the simple way of leading.    Anyone can lead a spinner and as long as you feel the vibrations and he is running you can hardly do anything wrong. So the spinner is also ideal for fishing beginners.

When fishing with spinners, the first strike can always be immediate, so if you feel an attack in the rod, it is best to strike immediately.

A search bait

Spinners are ideal bait for searching straight perch or other predatory fish in the water.    The signals of the spinner reach far into the water and therefore predatory fish are also attracted from a distance.    Not least in clear water and some sunshine the flashes of light reach even further. With a spinner you can easily cover distance at higher catching speed.

It is important to adapt the spinner to the water, so there are extra heavy models like the Swedish Myran Spinner or Mepps Longcast. These fly extremely far even on light equipment and allow you to find the fish far out. The spinners also reach depth quickly.

Easy to mount simple tackle

To guide spinners, you can use a very cheap spinning rod. The important thing is that it does not bend too much under the pull of the spinner and that there is still room for a hitch. Willow-shaped spinner blades offer less resistance in the water. This means that a larger spinner can also be guided on a lighter rod.

The assembly for spinners is very simple. The spinner is simply hooked into a carabiner swivel at the end of a leader. Even easier at the end of the main line when fishing with monofilament. But a swivel should always be included because of the twist that such a spinner brings to the line.

How to get the most out of your spinners

There are many tricks and tips to fish with spinners even more successfully here are a few of them:

  • Sink and count: if you let your spinner sink after casting, you can effectively search for fish even in deep water. You can also let it sink again after a few seconds to stay at the same depth
  • Vary speed: The fish do not always want the same thing and so you can fish really slowly, especially in winter or for lazy fish. In summer, on the other hand, you can fish closer to the surface and faster.
  • Spinner tuning: with a few feathers and some thread you can quickly turn your spinner into a kind of streamer.    Even a few red wool threads are enough. It is important that the hook is not covered too much.

More about spin fishing

Here on fishing tests I wrote a big guide about spin fishing, there are even more tips and tricks for successful fishing for our predatory fish.

Spin fishing for predatory fish a guide

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