Sportex Carboflex Class X Feeder Under Review


A new all-round feeder rod should be produced and then it should be as three-part as possible to make transport as easy as possible. At the moment the offer on the German market is rather limited. Sportex offers three different models of the Carboflex Class X Feeder, which all have the same casting weight of 40-120 grams. Only in length and the resulting weight they differ. The rod is available in 3.3, 3.6 and 3.9 m length, whereby I have chosen the shortest model. On many of my waters I often fish under trees and there short rods are an advantage when casting.

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First impression

For a feeder rod the Sportex rod is not quite favourable, but you should be able to expect a lot. So it comes in a very nice, high quality and functional feeder rod, which would also look good with rods twice as expensive.    Optics is always a matter of taste, that’s why I just describe the design roughly here, everyone can make their own picture with the photos. The blue ornamental windings are striking on the otherwise black blank and shimmer silvery in sunlight. The handle is made of an EVA material, which is not so nice to touch, even though it is very grippy and offers good grip even with wet and cold fingers.

The handle and the middle part have triple rings, the upper part and the tips have double rings.    I like the three carbon tips very much, because their rings merge perfectly from the rod. Also the action goes perfectly from the tip into the rod and when wagging you notice how fast the rod is and that it has a good backbone.

All connectors are neatly made and everything fits nice and tight as it should. The workmanship is also good and I cannot find any faults with my rod.

According to the Sportex website the reel seat comes from DPS, even if it is not on mine.

The reel seat fits most reels up to size 4000, which I have tried. My Spro Passion in

size 5000 (750) does not fit in the roll holder.    It is more than oversized for this rod anyway. A Kastking Sharky II in size 6000 fits again.

models and sizes

Here is an overview of all models of the Spro Carboflex Class X Feederrod. The rod is available in three different models, whereby the casting weight is always indicated in the same way.    I cannot say how it works in practice, because I only have the middle model in my hands or rather call it my own.

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Practical Test

In the meantime I have been able to test the rod for three months and have been able to test it with carp up to 7 kg in the drill. But the rod was not yet at its limit, because after the sensitive tip comes a hard backbone, which can be used to get even big eels away from the bottom.      Obviously a big carp hunt is not for the rod but a nice carp can bite in many waters when feeding.    So the twisting properties are top and one of the most important points in practice.

The casting characteristics are also very good and I get further with the rod than with my 30 cm longer Daiwa Ninja Feeder.

The higher quality components of the rod compared to the Daiwa Ninja Feeder have been proven in practice. Despite the rough handling the rod has not been damaged and my rods really suffer.    When a friend of mine threw his carp chair on the rod in the car I was a bit

angry, but even that didn’t bother the good one.

To test the sensitivity I used the rod several times on bait fish. So I used it on handlong

roach and bream for pike and Co. On the calm lake the rod is definitely too strong for that and somehow it was difficult to see the bites even with the lightest tip. But even in the test the roaches always bit very carefully. But so far my impression is that the Daiwa rod reacts more sensitive.

So the rod only feels really good with fish above the 15 cm. So the tench bit especially well when I wanted to have bait fish and had this closed season… Typical – before there was never anything to see of the tench, but they knew why.

Scoring table – the most important thing in the overview


Sportex supplies here a top feeder rod for feeding on game fish or even an eel seat. I am absolutely satisfied with the rod and for the price you get a decent quality and the usual Sportex guarantee on the blank of 10 years.    So the rod gets 8,5 of 10 points from me.

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