Spro Back Pack Fishing Backpack Reviewed


Spro Back Pack Fishing Backpack in the TestIntroductionThe Spro Back Pack fishing backpack has caught my eye several times. With a price of almost 65 Euro it is in the middle of the range. The scope of delivery includes the backpack and 4 tackle boxes. With its simple, black design it appealed to me immediately, because I was rather looking for a fishing backpack that doesn’t necessarily look like one. How well the Spro Back Pack performed in practical tests, you will find out in this test report.product detailsDimensions: 27 x 21 x 41 cmWeight: 1,8 kg (empty weight: bag + tackle boxes)Rod holders on both sidesScope of delivery: backpack, 4 big tackle boxesBuilding up & processingWhen you first take it in your hand you will notice that the backpack is comparatively light. This is apparently due to the rather thin looking material, which is also immediately noticeable and unfortunately looks a bit less valuable. Because a fishing backpack is subject to a lot of friction and often ends up on the ground, it should be a little more robust: the upper of the two main compartments is accessible via a zipper on the top and offers enough space for various items of equipment. A jacket or sweater can also be stored here. Spro Back Pack Fishing Backpack – Upper compartment Spro Back Pack Fishing Backpack – Smaller compartment in the upper bagIn addition, the upper compartment contains a small additional zippered compartment. This can be used to store small items. A special feature is the intermediate layer which can be removed in parts, so that even larger items can be stowed in the backpack. On the left and right side there are two rod holders, which offer enough space and are also suitable for the transport of a landing net. In addition, there are small pockets on the left and right side as well as on the front, which make it easier to stow equipment. On the left and right side as well as on the front side there are additional small pockets which make it easier to store tackle and at the bottom there is the main compartment for the tackle boxes which offers space for 4 boxes. Handling & practicalityWhat I like very much is the division and accessibility of the individual bags. Often needed tackles can be stored well without having to dig out of the depths of the bag. The backpack stands by itself and makes it easier to access the tackle, but I don’t like the padding of the shoulder straps and the back part. While the shoulder straps are at least a little bit padded, the back is unfortunately completely unpadded. The rucksack becomes a little uncomfortable when heavily loaded and on longer fishing trips, but it is positive to mention that the rucksack has an adjustable chest strap, which allows the weight to be better distributed over the upper body. It can’t quite keep up in terms of workmanship and quality, which is something other manufacturers in this price category do better, but the Spro Back Pack can score points with its good space and quick access to all compartments and pockets. The rod holders on both sides of the backpack are also positive and allow for easy transportation of fishing rods and landing nets. overall our verdict on the backpack is okay, but Spro still has some room to move. Especially in terms of wearing comfort and workmanship should be improved.

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