Spro CRX The Brand New Spinning Reel Under Review


In search of a new and promising tackle for testing in 2019, I came across the Spro CRX, which was used on my new Simano Vengeance BX Shad as pike reel. So I ordered the reel in size 4000 to put it through its paces for you. To be the reel so new that even the description on the manufacturer’s page is missing.    Therefore I can only serve with the features of the models sold so far from dealer sources and of course what is written on the packaging of my 4000 reel.

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First impression

The first impression is quite positive the black – red design is rather unobtrusive, but still nice to look at. The spinning reel is hardly printed and there is no information about line capacities or transmission ratio. This is also good for the look and the manufacturer Spro has even left out their own brand name. Only the logo is inconspicuously visible on the crank knob and rotor.

Striking is the large brake knob, which is therefore easy to operate and can also be finely adjusted. Therefore it takes a few turns to switch from open brake to completely tight. Before the ease of movement can be tested, the screw-in crank must be screwed in on one of the two sides

. This makes the reel easy to use for left and right handed operators. The screw-in crank is to be welcomed, as rollers built in this way have less play in the crank. Nevertheless it has a minimal play, which is still within the acceptable range. The reel crank turns quite soft, although some Shimano or Daiwa reels turn a little bit easier, but this often stops quickly with the models in this price range. My previous Spro reels have been real long term workhorses.

The spool is very large and has an enormous line capacity. This should allow long casts and you have a lot of reserves. I lined my reel up to more than half with cheap monofilament and then wound up 120 m 0.17 braided ones.

Noticeable, but in practice the crank knob is not that bad, it has a little play, but unfortunately this happens with many reels in this price range.

In terms of weight it is in the middle of the range of comparable rolls.    The fact that the case is made of a plastic-aluminum composite material is reflected in the weight. Nevertheless a Shimano Stradic CI 4+ is almost 100 grams lighter. However, it also plays in a different price league.

The torsional rigidity of the case is absolutely top. If I pull on the string with almost complete tightness, the reel will not visibly deform.

Models and sizes

The data here is based on information from dealers, not on official data from Spro. So far they seem to be correct. The roll tested here is in size 4000 .

Reel sizes and fish species, as well as alternativesWhich reel size is suitable for which fish species and alternatives can be found at my market overview >>

Practical test

The reel had the honour to show what it can do on the first of May at the end of the pike season in Bavaria at an old quarry pond

on the Danube. Under these conditions, pike are guaranteed, but a short word about line laying. This looks quite good with the 0.17` braided by Berkley, although not perfect. I have never thrown wigs before and the line I wound up unclean (on purpose!) didn’t cause any trouble.

But now to the pike, which of course bit like crazy so shortly after the closed season. With the finely adjustable brake I was able to react well to the pike size and twist all the fish out nicely. The casting distance is really nice thanks to the large and deep spool. Here the reel really scores. Even with lures beyond 80 grams I had no worries and the reel seems to be really robust. Of course it will take a while to find out, but so far I have the impression that in size 4000 it can also cast heavy lures well in the long run. Once again to the brake: the brake power is not indicated, but with my reel I estimate it to be at least 7-10 kg. So you can really make it damn you and it is more than adequate for pike and even small catfish.

Scoring table – the most important things in the overview


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