Spro Mimic Rod And Reel Of The Passion Successor?


The first reel that really caught my eye in 2017 is the Spro Mimic and the new rod series is also good for it… but not for everything! I took a closer look at the rod and reel and cranked it up to the max.

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The Spro Mimic Reel

The Spro knows how to produce good and solid fishing reels at a reasonable price. Now a new interesting spinning reel series has come onto the market and it knows how to convince. So far I have never seen a stationary reel for around 30 €, which convinced me so much right away. The only thing I don’t want to like is the completely black design, but that is a matter of taste.

Smooth running and crank

The Spro reel cranks incredibly easy and only reels over 65 € for more than double the price are partly (Daiwa and Shimano) smoother running. The roller crank can be folded at the push of a button (quick folding crank), which is becoming more and more fashionable. I personally don’t like it that way, but it has advantages to simply fold the roller crank. So the roll is ready for transport more quickly.


The roll is really pleasantly light, because the Mimic 4400 weighs only 302 grams. A bit lighter even than a Shimano Exage 4000, which weighs 320 grams.

More features in the overview

The manufacturer’s specifications commented by me:

  • 3 ball bearings + 1 roller bearing – Gives the reel a super smooth run at least unique in this price segment;
  • Infinite backstop – as usual in this price range not perfect but the crank can’t be turned back;
  • Reinforced wire – the thick wire is really strong and solid it jumps over in all positions when cranking the reel as it should;
  • Aluminium spool Black – an aluminium spool the design didn’t knock me out, but it’s OK;
  • Balanced graphite rotor – hard to comment the whole spool looks stable, how balanced it is I don’t know;
  • Quick-folding crank (at the push of a button) – as already commented you can like it or not;
  • Rubberized handle – I didn’t notice. But it gave a good grip;
  • Finely adjustable brake system / choice of left or right hand operation – the large brake button is easy to operate and the brake is well adjustable.
  • Gear ratio 5,1 : 1 – a normal gear ratio can be found on all sizes of the



The reel is of course not the Passion successor, because this is already the Spro Passion R, but the successor as a price/performance reel is for sure. A recommendable role for the small purse. The reel is available in four different sizes from the 1000 reel to the 4000 reel, so you can fish everything from trout to pike.

The Spro Mimic rod series

Didn’t blow me away quite as much as the reel, but you can’t complain anyway. For about 50 € you can get a nice allround spinning rod. Suitable for spinners, wobblers etc.; the harder versions are also suitable for rubber fishing for zander.

The Spro Mimic Baitcaster

The Baitcaster from the Mimic Series has not yet been released and can’t say much about it.

Spro Mimic stationary roller 8.8 Price / Performance 9.5/10 Equipment 8.0/10 Practice 9.0/10 Pros Very cheapLarge brake buttonLight folding crank Cons For the price there is hardly anything to complain about! View here at Amazon
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